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Lessons In Life Your Cat Can Teach You — 4 Comments

  1. Without my cats Matahari and Matata and the oldest pet resident of my house,Alexandrine parakeet “Mittoo”, life would have been dull at home to a lonely bachelor.Caring, Writing, making videos and contributing articles on “P.O.C” about my cats and parakeet have kept me occupied and busy.Honestly, i owe my pets a lot in contributing to making my own personal human life happy.

  2. A lot of what will be in it has already been posted here on PoC . As PoC challenges me to think of what is the right relationship between humans and animals and what constitutes proper care of our planet and the beings who inhabit it with us, I have already hashed out many ideas that will be in the book. If it ever gets written. I did break that play into smaller segments. Each song was a segment, each person from history featured in it was one small research project. Maybe I have to do Monty’s book that way. As if I intend to write only one chapter, then work in that until it is finished. Maybe. Thanks for the idea, Michael!

  3. I’ve started working on a similar book about Monty and all I have learned from him. I have about four chapters done, but haven’t touched it in a long time. I should be like my friend Ruth from college who’s always posting on Facebook about how many thousands (usually tens of thousands) of words she wrote today. She’s written several books, both novels and non-fiction. I don’t know if she has ever written a book about her cat Dorian.
    James Bowen’s cat really has done a lot for him that he can go from being a drug addict to being disciplined enough to write a book. I’m better with projects that can completed in one day to about a week at most. A couple of years ago my mom finished embroidering some pillow cases I had started working on in about 1982. It just was taking too long, so I never touched them again. I’m hoping I can conquer my aversion to big projects and finish a book about Monty, because he deserves one. He has taught me a lot. I did actually finish writing an entire play for children, including eight songs, based on the history of my hometown. But even that, though the biggest project I ever completed, is small potatoes compared to a book about Monty.

    • Great to hear your ideas on this. I am similar to you. I am better at small, fast projects. That said you can break down a big project into small, fast projects and join them together! Pleased that Monty has taught you things. People need to be open to learning from other animals. The barrier to that is human arrogance and the belief that we are above all animals.

      I look forward to reading your book. Really. Maybe you can reconstruct it and finish it as a shorter version?

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