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Let’s Copy Xalapa, Mexico — 12 Comments

  1. Our mammies are always grumbling about the government, maybe we cats should follow Morris’s example and all get together and form ‘Cat Parliament’ and ‘The house of Cats’
    We’d soon sort out the country.

    • lol – here here!

      I think it should become a regular thing – more and more towns should do this to enforce the message. Isn’t there a cat running for president in the US? I know there is a cat in eastern Canada somewhere also running for local government. He is concerned about shelter laws and in running and attracting the press his views on the TNR and shelters and feral cat management have been heard. Perfect!

      • We do need more of this sort of thing. I really sends out a strong message in a nice and amusing way. I think it raises the profile of cats. I think it is beneficial for cats.

      • We could easily form a ‘Grumpy Cat village’ Michael lol as I don’t know of one single person right now who isn’t sick to the back teeth of the way our out of touch government are ruling.

        • Me neither. I don’t think the government realises how disillusioned the British people have become with governments and how sad we are about the decline of Great Britain.

  2. Michael, a hilarious and thought provoking article.I have never visited Mexico but sadly read about the unbelievable “Drug wars’ in that Country.Human life seems passe in some regions of Mexico as per reports in the media. I have posted Tomcat Matata’s mugshot on Morris’s “F.B Page’ wishing him best of luck in the elections for Mayor of Xalapa.His “F.B” page is a hit and he is on the cover of “Time Magazine”! Humour is the best remedy for most of our human created problems.

    • It is funny and pleasing. I agree that Mexico does seem horrendous. I am pleased Matata supports Morris. Matata is a wise cat with a wise human companion because you make the very wise comment that humour is one of the best ways to effect change. I am sure the politicians have got the point.

  3. Hi Michael. here is one of Morris’ FB pages. https://www.facebook.com/elcandigatomorris.

    All you need to do is Google search.- ” Morris el candidato para alcalde para Xalapa, facebook ”
    Tongue in cheek, they use the word Candi-gato instead of Candidato, gato being the Spanish word for cat.
    There are a lot of references to Morris on the Internet. He seems to have struck a chord.

    He even appears in the Venezuelan news and opinion website Aporrea. http://www.aporrea.org/internacionales/n230885.html

    • Thanks a hell of a lot for this Harvey. I’ll take a look right now and see if I can add something to the page today. Morris has struck a cord. Disillusionment with governments is a world issue. Turkey is a classic modern case in point. There are many others. Russia? Burma? Pakistan? China? Brazil? Britain? France? Greece etc. I could go on.

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