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Like people, domestic cats are judged by their colour — 4 Comments

  1. Talking about superstition, we Indians are one of the most superstitious people in the World, irrespective of the different communities, religions and languages.Recently a prominent Rationalist Dr Narendra.Dhabholkar was murdered for his views on superstition practices in India.Read :- are very superstitious about cats and most of the common superstitious beliefs associated with cats in the Western World also exist in the Eastern World in India.Unlike dogs, cats are not a favourite as pets although in recent years they are gaining in popularity as they are easier than dogs to maintain in small confined flats.The very fact that there was not a single “CAT CLUB” in India until a year ago speaks volumes of the popularity of cats as pets in India.I have personally done my level best in creating an awareness of cats as pets and also for starting a “Cat Club” in India.Superstition is officially non-existant as a legislation but is very common in all walks of society in India including animals and pets.

  2. Im suprised no mention of Italy. It’s still pretty backwards in many places and you still find villages with old people and even younger ones who believe in all kinds of nonsense – I’m sure they have an angle on black cats, they must do. If it’s a bad view I have no doubt they kill and poison them if they feel the need. Many parts of Italy don’t exist in the modern world even though they seem to all have giant flat screen TVs and be the most overweight country in Europe. The poorer the village the bigger the TVs. I travelled through Calabria and I have never seen such big TVs. I was travelling with a girl and we had to tell them all we were married – it was that bad.

    Back on track: the ladies tend to wear black when their husbands die – for the rest of their lives – so black is obviously associated actively with death. I had a girlfriend once who’s granny was wearing black every day I saw her. That was in Canada. Often these old European cultures really flourish in the ‘new world’ – you have Quebec which is more French than France – in Toronto you had little Italy and little Portugal which are both so far up their own cultural a**h*l*s that in desperately trying to replicate their culture elsewhere, like Quebec, they have ended up more backwards than where they came from. That’s the trouble with the new world. When you ask somebody where they are from they start telling you where their grandparents are from. Nobody just says where they live and where they were born. Anyway, without going into the negative picture of multiculturalism as being a total failure in a necessarily cosmopolitan world I guess my point is that there are lots of freaky people with atittudes and opinions about things like black cats, even in places like the 3rd biggest city in north America, which is basically just a giant village.

  3. I wonder if one day there will be a law against cat colour prejudice like there is for people now?
    A person can be arrested for racial prejudice of another person who is a different colour, so why not for prejudice against black cats?
    Only joking ……or am I?
    😉 lol

    • lol – well it’s the same thing. But the cat’s would have to be the ones being racist I guess.

      Interestingly enough it seems to me that cats have absolutely no prejudice based on colour! Makes humans look like a bunch of boring idiots. Cats seem to have more important things to worry about than what colour the new cat in town is.

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