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  1. Shoot. I did only a score 0f 82% Some of those potential answers got me laughing so hard, I quit caring. Thanks alot, Michael.

    just as an aside, I think that I finished my quiz.” Why can’t I exit. LOL!

  2. Oh dear I only got 75%, out by 2 hours on how long lions do nothing and got the wrong mane answer too 🙁
    It’s a very good quiz Michael

    • You did well, very well. It is designed to just challenge a bit on the main topics while providing 5 answers. Lions are amazing lazy but they can afford to be, The mane is unique. A dark long one is the most attractive to females 😉

  3. Interesting about the mane and being the only cat with one. Almost like some herbivores. I’m sure it gives great protection though as well as presence. I will follow the link to the Lion Mane page.

    • Hop you found the quiz OK. I used some new software. It is a “plugin” and it took a little while to figure out. I tried to focus on the big facts and make it multiple choice. They are a bit easier That’s all.

      The lion’s mane is very interesting. It really is tied up with macho male, sex, standing, leadership and dominance. Sounds like people.

      • We all knew this, as we are all catlovers. 🙂 But to me, it doesn’t translate that readily to humans. My mate is bald. 😉

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