Litter Doctor And Perfect Litter Alert

by Elisa Black-Taylor (USA)

Today I’d like to tell you about Litter Doctor ™  and Pet Ecology Perfect Litter Alert ™ and how they can predict cat urinary infections. I’m surprised these products haven’t been invented long before now, as it’s a simple process. It reminds me somewhat of pregnancy tests.

Litter Doctor and Perfect Litter Alert are new cat litter brands that use patented alert system monitors that changes the color of the litter when your cat uses the litter box. Shades of pink, from light to dark, measure the alkalinity in your cat’s urine. The darker the pink, the more alkaline present. Which can lead to problems such as infections, crystals and blockages. Urinary infections in cats can prove fatal if left untreated. There’s even a color coded card so you can match the color of the litter to how serious a urinary problem your cat has.

Litter Doctor and Perfect Litter Alert are both 100% earth friendly clumping cat litters and are 99% dust free. They’re veterinarian recommended. Both stop odors by absorbing four times the amount of liquid as clay litter. Since these new litters use an all natural clumping agent, they last 7 times longer than regular cat litter.

The Perfect Litter Alert brand boasts a 4 pound box is equal to 28 pounds of regular clay litter.

Unfortunately, both products are quite expensive. Possibly too expensive for the average cat lover. Three of the 4 pound boxes run around $50. For those of you with cats who experience urinary issues, it may be worth the cost.

I like the idea of a card being included recommending at what color to just call your vet and at what color an emergency vet visit may be necessary.

To me, it would be helpful not only in knowing the alkaline balance, but also whether diet is affecting any urinary issues. Many cat foods boast they improve urinary problems. This expensive litter would show whether my cats diet improved any urinary problems after changing foods. Would those of you with cats with urinary problems buy this litter? Have any of you tried it?

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