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Little Ginge and Treacle (rescued and rehomed cats, UK) — 8 Comments

  1. It doeesn’t upset me either and I think if I saw an actual deliberate act of cruelty I’d see red and most likely take a swipe with whatever I could find to hand, at the person doing it. Yes I’d probably get knocked over by him or her and maybe arrested but the satisfaction of hurting a person who hurt an animal would be well worth it.
    I’ll never forget Babz at around 8 years old yelling at a man whipping his pony which was pulling a trap, he rode off quickly with a beetroot red face, she really put him to shame lol

  2. What a great little story – sad, but with a happy ending. People never get the number plate – they worry about the kitten, it’s normal and natural. I would love to nail the perpetrator of such a crime. It would give me enormous pleasure. At least they made to it Kay’s Hill. 🙂

    • What would you do to the person if you happened to be on the spot when it happened? I would remonstrate with the person and if he didn’t listen I’d be hard pressed to not hit him.. 😉 Sorry of that upsets the ladies.

      • i’ve been called many things michael, but rarely ‘lady’ so maybe thats why it dos’nt upset me!!! lol. marc said he would love to nail the perpetrator, i agree, but i’d nail them to a tree!! we get people who say to us, yes that animal was abandoned at your gate, but the person could have done a lot worse to the animal, this is true. but its all down to degrees, its ok to abandon a terrified animal at our (or any other sancturys gate), does that mean its also ok to abandon two tiny kittens in the road? cruelty is cruelty. so what i would do to the perpetrators, they would not be happy with!!!!!

  3. unfortunately, my stories will always have that sad element in them, as if the cats led perfectly happy lives with people who loved and respected them, we would never know them. all we can do is try and make a sad start into a happy ending. we usually can, even if it takes a while. i hope no-one minds too much that there is some sadness in my cat ‘tales’

  4. They are both such beautiful cats Poppy is so pretty and Dhillon is just like Ginger who comes into our garden (I wrote an article about him the other day) It sounds as though they have had a really happy ending and a wonderful life to look forward to!

    I love your happy endings Leanne!

  5. Treacle looks amazing. Great story but a sad one again. Perhaps cat rescue stories are sad until the end. People still dump cats. Can you image how cold someone’s heart is to be able to dump a kitten by the roadside? If I could meet the person he’d regret it.

    Don’t tell the wonderful new owners but I prefer your names. 😉

  6. Another lovely story Leanne, you are so good at making happy endings for all the abandoned or unwanted cats that end up at Kays Hill.
    The photos are really good too, what beautiful cats they both are and they sound like 2 little so and sos lol
    I love reading your stories and so pleased you are writing them for PoC.

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