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Loving Cat Pictures — 9 Comments

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  2. Marc, I told Michael you would love the orange cats on the steps. Stairway to heaven! Love knowing about the fox and cat. Where can we learn more? They are such a cute couple. Lol

  3. The cat and the fox have been friends for years and live by the shores of Lake Van in Turkey by the way. A fisherman sees them regularly and took the photos I believe. Its a lovely story. I believe he first saw them about 3 years ago. There is a whole series of shots of them together playing and resting etc.
    I love the orange cats on the steps and the 2 with the tails crossed 🙂

    • Hi Dan. I would be happy to publish the photo on this page. I can add it. The link you provided appears not to work in that it says “This content is currently unavailable”. If you can get the pic to me I’ll publish.

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