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Here’s a nice selection of cats ‘n love pics. Cats are wonderful subjects for photographs when they form friendships with other animals. I must thank Dorothy Wandruff (“dw’) in California for finding these pictures which I have decided are in the public domain. If I am wrong please tell me in a comment.

Although not all of these cat pictures are cats ‘n love style pics most are and dw knows I love interspecies friendships. For a human it is something special to see. This is because humans are so damn bad at it. Sometimes, we can’t even get along when we are from a different country or have a different religion or a different colored skin. There is so much conflict in the world. To see a cat being friendly with a cow or a young deer is a sight for sore eyes. Just for a short time it lifts the spirits.

These are squared-off thumbnail images. If you click on them you’ll see a large version that is fully framed.

The Sphynx cat, whose name is “Piglet”, is a therapy cat. I am certain he is very effective in his work because hairless cats do stand out and get people interested and talking; just what is needed in a hospital or hospice. The black cat and the peas should have illustrated the article by Elisa on the surprising foods cat love.

Can you see the fifth ginger tabby cat in the picture of the cats on the steps? It looks like there are four. Red tabbies are popular and for a good reason.

The picture of the cat carrying kittens is a sand cat; a small wild cat species that lives in deserts. They are cute looking but genuine wild cats with a fierce spit when needed.

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  2. Marc, I told Michael you would love the orange cats on the steps. Stairway to heaven! Love knowing about the fox and cat. Where can we learn more? They are such a cute couple. Lol

  3. The cat and the fox have been friends for years and live by the shores of Lake Van in Turkey by the way. A fisherman sees them regularly and took the photos I believe. Its a lovely story. I believe he first saw them about 3 years ago. There is a whole series of shots of them together playing and resting etc.
    I love the orange cats on the steps and the 2 with the tails crossed 🙂

    • Hi Dan. I would be happy to publish the photo on this page. I can add it. The link you provided appears not to work in that it says “This content is currently unavailable”. If you can get the pic to me I’ll publish.

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