Macabre: Throwing Kittens From Moving Cars

Kitten garbage

When you think about it, throwing kittens from moving cars is a macabre combination of car culture and treating animals as rubbish. How bizarre is that? It is a perversion of normal human behavior.

What is this connection between cars and kittens? Why have the “kitten throwers” got a kitten in the car in the first place? The act of throwing a kitten from a moving car is exactly the same as throwing a cigarette butt from a car or some other item of rubbish. It is treating a living, feeling creature as rubbish. How did people arrive at this mentality? I genuinely regret to mention that it appears to be, predominantly, an American phenomenon. Note: there are millions of great cat caretakers in the US so that is not an anti-American sentiment, just a description of fact as it appears to me.

I would just like to briefly discuss what is going on when people actually throw kittens from cars.

If a person has a kitten and wants to get rid of the kitten quickly and even in a cruel way, they could simply put the kitten outside where they live in a public place and walk away. That is highly irresponsible and cruel but it is less cruel and less irresponsible than throwing a kitten out of a moving car.

I can only think of two reasons why a person throws a kitten from a moving car:

  1. the person or persons are inherently nasty, unthinking and cruel and/or
  2. they are drunk or on drugs and have temporarily lost any sense of decency or rational thought.

It is a gross act of cruelty and moral corruption to throw a vulnerable creature from a moving vehicle. Cars will be following and the likelihood of severe injury or death is high. The kitten will suffer a lot of pain, distress, fear and anxiety.

Do the people who throw kittens out of the windows of moving cars know that they are about to cause all these emotions and injuries? Of course they do, unless they are drugged up and a temporarily “out of their heads”.

In which case it is an act of clear, wanton animal cruelty and a crime. The act of throwing away a kitten in such a flamboyant and cruel manner indicates a total lack of morals and sensitivity. What happened to these people?

Why is the kitten in the car in the first place? I have never taken a kitten in a car except to go to a veterinarian. I have to presume that these “kitten throwers” are not taking the kitten to a vet. This begs the question as to how they acquired the kitten and why (s)he is in the car.

Perhaps they simply saw the kitten by the side of the road, stopped the car, picked up the kitten, messed around with the kitten until bored and then tossed him out of the window without even stopping.

If that is the scenario, all I can is that these people are lost souls who are completely out of touch with any sort of moral base to life.

I sense that the horrible cruelty of this bizarre behavior is a symptom of the poor standing the cat has in the USA amongst a part of US society. I also believe that the relationship between people and animals, in general, allows this to happen. Hunting animals and the desire by some people to hunt feral cats indicates a mentality that says, “animals don’t feel pain and as humans we can do as we please with them”.

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13 thoughts on “Macabre: Throwing Kittens From Moving Cars”

  1. Not bizarre at all. This is what happens to a culture that didn’t grow up learning that using a gunny-sack and a water-trough are a far more humane way of cat birth-control.

    p.s. I send people to this site to read all the sociopathic and psychopathic comments that [people who like cats] always make as proof of their mental illness. Their death-wishes for all humans (i.e. themselves). It’s an interesting portrayal and concrete evidence of their incessant self-loathing and self-hatred. I often wonder which came first, their love for cats, or their hate for themselves. I suppose that’s not the kind of readership that you had hoped for, but it’s the one you are attracting. LOL You can’t help it, it’s who and what you are — mentally & emotionally ill.

    • Hi Woody. This is your one and only comment on this page. I have let you comment because I would like to respond.

      It is strange. We are so far apart in how we think. Firstly, people who like cats don’t dislike themselves. We are not mentally ill. My strong impression is that it is you who is mentally ill and that the regular visitors who I admire and respect are intelligent, thoughtful people who are far, far better than you will ever be.

      Secondly, unsurprisingly, you appear to find throwing kittens out of car windows acceptable as an alternative way of killing cats. That pretty much says it all for me. You are a hateful nutcase who has cruelty running through your body like an evil poison.

        • Oh Caroline! Play with Woody! He’s so much fun!

          And it’s not just cats tossed out of cars. I’ve read 10x more stories on dogs being tossed from cars than I have cats.

          And Woody, any publicity to an online site is good publicity. Thank you for sending people to the site. I always look for Woody comments because he’s exactly the type of cat hater I love to write and warn people about.

          • Thanks ladies for gently supporting me in my battle with Woody. I do delete quite a lot of his comments, I have to say, because they are too insulting and manic. However, the odd one I accept, to add some vinegar to the mix. I think we need to see the other side. The cat haters argument as it puts balance into the site.

          • And as you just implied, any“type” of cat hater is just implied. They do not exist; we ignore them. Thanks again, Elisa. [Should I play with him? I may be getting in my stalking “cat” mode.] 😉

  2. It’s hard not to want to throw humans out of a moving car. I’d love to see the moral outrage if somebody threw a child out of a car – it’s the same thing except the child has more chance of survival and retribution. It’s almost impossible not to have bad thoughts on a subject like this. I think they take the kittens in the car so they won’t come back to their homes and because they want to keep the mother cat. If you want to keep the mother you would have to take the kittens far off to get rid of them. Just my view. That would mean it s the same pigs who refuse to neuter their cats that then have to get rid of the kittens their cat has created. Thats their system basically. Rather than get their cat spayed. I think they are the worst of the worst people because they create the whole problem of overpopulation in the first place.

    They should be euthanized. Simple as that.


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