Maine Coon Cat Breed

Maine Coon appearance

Maine Coon Cat Breed — Photo is copyright Helmi Flick and Text is by Michael at PoC

The major points of note of the Maine Coon are set out on this page in way that allows a quick skim.


Date of Origin 1860s
Place of Origin United States
Development Long hair cats imported to USA when America was settled, followed by natural development before breeders developed the Maine Coon cat breed in the 20th century. See history.
Ancestory Farm Cats
Other names American Snughead, Maine Shag, American Longhair, American Forest Cat Longhair
Weight 9-22 lbs — See Largest Dometic Cat Breed
Temperament Gentle giant
Popularity 2nd to Siamese on this site’s long standing poll (Jan ’09)
Voice Quieter than expected and has a particular trill
Colors Too numerous to list here – please see CFA site! or Maine Coon Colors

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