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Maine Coon Characteristics — 5 Comments

  1. i was lucky to have a Maine Coon /adopt me.Prince is about 5 years old. yes ,very Loving and Will let you know when he is hungry,and litter changed. Yes a bundle of joy, Loves to travel in a vehicle. Glad he adopted us.

    • You are lucky Andrew. Of all the cat breeds, my favorite is the Maine Coon. If I adopted a purbred cat it would be a Maine Coon. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great information! Confirms I have, yet again, inherited a cat from my cousin that I believe is a MC mix. She is black, but has a few white hairs throughout and brown undercoat. She has the longer tail, but is not as fluffy as a MC. She has the long hair in her ears, but not tuffs on the end. She has the toe hair only on her back feet. Her muzzle and face are very masculine and prominent. She is just a doll.

  3. Michael, an excellent educative topic on the breed.You are also partially right in stating that on the “INTERNET” its a lot of duplicity of a prime article or description between various bloggers and writers.Its normal if the duplicity is on historical facts and dates but definitely not proper in human and animal personalities. I feel the “Wikipedia Dictionary” is the most common source from which most writers get their facts in the “Internet Era”. On animal topics i have found differences in defining a particular breed or species.

    • Thanks Rudolph. After six years of reading the internet on the subject of cats there is, as you say, duplication. I really think that it is time to write about the real stuff. My article is based on research, internet experience and common sense. I realize that people want to read the conventional stuff but truly, it is not the complete picture.

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