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Maine Coon Early History: Eight Theories — 8 Comments

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  2. I think it’s good to hear legends as well as the routine historical versions, because in the end what does it matter how cat breeds truly originated?
    It’s much more important that people are educated on how to care properly for all cats who exist, no matter how their lineage began.

  3. Yes. But they fill people’s heads with false information which is never helpful and leads them astray. It’s the same with the Persian. They look for foundation Persians in Iran and never find any. There’s nothing dull about cats going to the New World from Devon and Cornwall and being selected for their seaworthiness.

  4. Those complicated and fanciful tales about the origins of the Maine Coon only serve to make people look foolish. Not only are the W Eutopean origins of the Maine Coon clearly proven by genetics this is also backed up by the fact that the polydactyl trait is common in Maine Coons and also cats in SW England (Ref. Sarah Hartwell)which had extensive trade links with N America. I have my own theory about this and it is the sailors thought that cats with an extra toe would be better able to manage the heaving deck of a ship at sea, and so preferentially chose such cats.

    • I have heard that about sailors thinking that polydactyl cats make better ship’s cats. We sort of know how the Maine Coon started in the USA but it is quite nice to look at the stories. People like the exotic. The routine story isn’t quite good enough.

  5. Hi Michael 🙂

    “what are the origins of the Maine Coon in America?”. It is likely to be a combination of one or more of the above.

    Not really. ”Early Trade and Settlers” is actually the only theory that makes sense. Genetic studies reveal to us that Maine Coons come from random bred European cats. It is not so old breed and before all this refinement/selective breeding has took place, Maine Coon looked just like any longhair cat.

    Marie Antoinette theory has no basis, it’s all made up. First how do we know that Marie Antoinette got any cats? It is known that she liked dogs. But cats, let alone Angoras,”Persians”? The only sources that provide us with this story come from cat related pages – unsourced, implausible. Those who say otherwise should find some reliable historical sources, but I doubt there are any!

    • I know….I am having a bit of fun here because the common sense stories about settlers and traders have got to be correct but it is fun to see how people like to try and dress-up the routine stuff. Hope you are OK in Turkey.

      • Thank you Michael. We are fine, I hope you too.

        I agree, made up stories and legends are more interesting. However I find it problematic when those stories become historical facts. I don’t think it’s anyhow good to believe in something what is obviously untrue.

        Kind Regards.

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