Maine Coon Picture Gallery

A Maine Coon picture gallery of Helmi Flick photographs. Please note that PoC works in collaboration with Helmi. The photos are published here with her permission. They are protected by copyright.

This batch of 19 photographs are ones that are not shown anywhere else on the website as far as I am aware. They have been selected on that basis. PoC ran a long running poll on cat breed popularity for several years. The Maine Coon came out as the runaway winner by quite a margin. There are two reasons for that:

  1. A lot of visitors to PoC are Americans and the Maine Coon is accepted as the American domestic cat. It does fit very well with the American style: bold, outstanding and of good character! It is the official state cat of Maine.
  2. The Maine Coon is really all that a person needs in a domestic cat companion. They look wonderful and have nice characters. You can’t ask for more. The breed is also not known to have too many genetically inherited potential illnesses.

The pictures in this MC gallery are thumbnails in a square format. To see the full image please select the picture and click on it – thanks.

There is quite a nice range of coat types amongst these 19 cats. I have indicated on the linked pages what I believe the coat type is. Please leave a comment if you have a favorite coat type or can assist in identifying the coat type. Coat types can be quite complicated and Maine Coons can have a wide range of coats under the breed standards.

My personal choice is either red tabby or calico. I think calico is great on female cats, which is convenient because only female cats can have the calico coat for genetic reasons – the genetics are linked to the sex of the cat. There are a few male calico cats, however.

My only encounter of any meaningful length with a Maine Coon was with Zak a grey and white bicolor living with Ken and Helmi Flick. He is a great cat. Large and friendly but shy and he has that genuine and unique Maine Coon chirrup. Here is my picture of Zak that you may have seen already:

Ken and Helmi Flick's Maine Coon Cat - ZAK

Zak has a gentle and inquisitive expression.

5 thoughts on “Maine Coon Picture Gallery”

  1. There is a beautiful orange maincoon who lives on my street. I love these cats. They are beautiful. I’d even consider getting an orange one at some point in the future. Firestorm is stunning.

  2. Gwydion’s coat is so similar to Bigfoot’s markings. I found PoC soon after Bigfoot adopted me. I was sure he was a Main Coon. He is not, but his mane is fluffy and white, all four paws are white, and he had the white muzzle that comes to a point on his nose just like Gwydion. A good shot of his mane at its fullest is here, down in the comments.


  3. I had quite a enjoyable texting session with my oldest brother about Maine Coons, Norwegians and Siberians aka the Siberian triangle. I followed up with an email filled with examples of the breed and than added a few of the largest examples out there. Well yesterday I ran into this German Maine Coon Breeder and their kittens are enormous!

    Love the selection you picked above. I have only seen four of the pictures before. [Cari, Firestorm, the Kittens and JDandy). I am on a huge Tortie/Calico kick of late. I usually go with those beautiful silver or ginger tabbies. Mackerel tabbies are my first love, but I have been seeing such a huge diversity of Calico/tortie Maine Coons lately. Bristow has amazing markings. I think you’re call on the coat is spot on. I wish I could see these cats in action, but… oh well. This will suffice.
    Thanks, Dan

    • I think you know more about my site than me 🙂 I think the calico coat is the most beautiful and it is extremely popular. The Japanese Bobtail welcoming cat is a calico and the favorite Japanese Bobtail is a calico (the Japanese call it a tricolor). They have lots of white but are still calicos.

      I think I prefer female cats too so the calico sort of suits me on two levels.


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