Mally and The Toy Cat

Bieber and capuchin monkey

Mally is a baby capuchin monkey, who is in a Munich animal welfare center, where he clings to his surrogate mother, a toy cat. Mally is owned by Justin Bieber, the pop star sensation, who is going through a behavioral meltdown. His behavior is not as sensational as his promoted persona.

Justin Bieber is setting a very poor example on animal welfare to millions of young, impressionable fans. It is very disappointing. You have probably read about the way he flew into Munich airport in a private jet with his pet monkey. There is a picture of Justin fooling around, in his jet, with the monkey on his shoulders. This is not funny.

Justin Bieber’s behavior is an abuse of a vulnerable animal. The pop star and his team flew into Germany without the proper preparation to get his monkey into Germany. A health certificate is required. Perhaps Mr Beiber and his entourage were just plain careless or they believed he was above such mundane things.

Apparently not. The German immigration authorities refused Mally’s entry into Germany. As mentioned, Mally is now in an animal centre in Munich where he clings to a toy cat that he believes is his mother. It is so bloody tragic, irritating and damned annoying. If they really cared, perhaps a member of Bieber’s team could have flown back to the USA in the aircraft with Mally.

Mally has been in the animal center for four days (at the date of this post) and no one has been around or phoned to reclaim him, visit him, or show concern for him.

Mally eats well provided he has his surrogate mum with him at all times. Mally obvioulsy needs a mother. What happened to his mother? Probably (possibly)  shot in some jungle somewhere in Central America so her offspring could be taken and sold as pets on the American market? Or am I being cynical?

It looks like it and Justin Bieber encourages and supports this sort of abuse of wildlife in adopting a capuchin monkey and then compounds his poor behavior in failing to care for him properly; even abandoning him in some soul destroying strange environment where he finds some comfort in a toy cat. It is all seems crazy. Am I missing something?

Mally will stay at the animal center for 4 weeks until Bieber reclaims him. If not he will be rehomed. Phew. This poor, highly intelligent animal, has suffered a series of abuses at the hands of humans and the last human in the chain is someone with enormous influence over the attitudes of young kids. Bieber has failed to live up to his responsibilities and our expectations with respect to his fans and animals.

In some ways, I feel sorry for Bieber because he, too, is used by the music business to a certain extent. Sometimes the producers can push too hard.

Source: Times newspaper 4th April 2013.

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14 thoughts on “Mally and The Toy Cat”

  1. I wish so much all that time that we would have been able to adopt his siblings as well. A black one and a striped one from his litter, both girls, lived outside for a couple of years, but I never see them anymore. Every once in awhile I tell Monty I wish we could have had his sisters with us too. But I couldn’t catch them. I could only catch one and the other cats were following mom, running on the straight away with a good head of steam. I just didn’t think I could get them, but I knew I could catch Monty. It was meant to be. I believe someday Jeff will allow me to get a companion for Monty, when the time is right, when it is meant to be.


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