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  1. I wish so much all that time that we would have been able to adopt his siblings as well. A black one and a striped one from his litter, both girls, lived outside for a couple of years, but I never see them anymore. Every once in awhile I tell Monty I wish we could have had his sisters with us too. But I couldn’t catch them. I could only catch one and the other cats were following mom, running on the straight away with a good head of steam. I just didn’t think I could get them, but I knew I could catch Monty. It was meant to be. I believe someday Jeff will allow me to get a companion for Monty, when the time is right, when it is meant to be.

  2. I think feral cats who have been domesticated are more likely to need a companion because their instinct is to live in a colony.
    Domestically born cats are mostly quite happy to live alone, or with a companion.
    Monty has a wonderful full life with love and attention and outings but many feral cats when tamed are kept indoors always and are lonely and frustrated and don’t have such happy lives.
    When Babz and I were the Feral Officers for our local Cats Protection and caught kittens young enough to tame, we always tried to persuade adopters to take 2 siblings, most did and it worked out well.

  3. The monkey having a stuffed animal as its “mother” reminds of Monty with his stuffed doggie. He plays with that dog like it’s another cat. I’ve caught him grooming it, sleeping next to it and even biting the back of its neck and prancing over it the way one feral cat would do to another male cat to assert dominance. Well, at least Monty has dominance over his toy. But he obviously needs cat companionship. Since my husband won’t allow another cat, Monty makes use of his stuffed dog in the same way a lonely child will play with a doll. It shows that animals are more like us than most people will admit.

    • That is interesting, Ruth. It does seem as if Monty would love a cat companion or a dog. Of course he has you and you’re a high quality companion but perhaps he sees you as a different species and wants one of his own 😉

      • Monty would not want a dog companion– he really hates dogs. He thinks his stuffed doggie is a cat. He is interested in other cats. If I have come into contact with a therapy dog at a nursing home I worked at Monty sniffs me and seems upset. I get a look that says, “Mom, how could you?” But if I’ve come into contact with a resident’s cat, which also happens frequently, Monty will sniff me with great interest for a long time. He and Kobe upstairs now can look at each other through the open door of my sister’s apartment without either cat puffing up or hissing. But that is as far as their relationship goes at this time. They can be about seven feet apart. Once when they were closer Kobe swiped at Monty and my sister quickly shut the door between them before World War III could break out on her threshold. I’ve suggested introducing them in neutral territory like the basement instead of either apartment, but Jen said that Kobe thinks it’s all his. Monty probably feels the same way. They would have to work it out. Once I put Monty’s doggie by him on his window perch, as if Doggie wanted to sit there too. Monty moved over. Then I made Doggie try to hone in on Monty’s side of the perch, as if he were a cat trying to hog it for himself. With a swipe of his paw Monty knocked his stuffed dog onto the floor. So he would compromise, but not yield completely to another cat. My husband says adding another cat would not work. I think the cats would work it out.

        • Interesting comment. I sometimes think Charlie would like a cat companion but it is about getting the right one. I swear that the only way to be sure is if people bring a new cat home, see how they get on and if not then the new boy has to go back to where he came from. How else can you do it? Do breeders and cat shelters allow that kind of testing?

          Monty has a good mind. He knows what he wants and likes.

  4. All the loads of money he makes and people working for the business that is Justin Bieber, and they can’t bother to find out in advance what the regulations are for bringing a monkey into Germany? or have someone fly the monkey back home?
    Though maybe he is better looked after where he is.
    I read in a German paper that there are now zoos in UK, Netherlands etc. all wanting to get the celebrity monkey in case Bieber does not deal with whatever he needs to do in time to get him back.

    The monkey was an extremely irresponsible birthday gift from a wealthy record producer/ executive ( who is not just 19) and it’s named after his nickname. Not that accepting such a gift is such a good example to set either. I can see where he might be clueless about that but he should at least have been responsible enough to plan better and not put the animal through even more trauma. Actually he doesn’t even seem able to look after himeself, which makes the gift even more idiotic. but not surprising considering that this producer Jamal Rashid has declawed wild cats.

    I’m pretty sure it is illegal for private individuals to import monkeys into the US & Canada so it is less likely than it would have been years ago that the mother was shot in a jungle. But the alternatives are not that nice either. I have read that the baby monkeys sold as pets are “surplus” from labs’ breeding.
    No matter where the monkey came from , it’s very cruel taking a baby monkey from their mother at a few days old.

    The only thing good is that maybe some of Justin Bieber’s young fans when reading/ watching videos of news about this will also hear the comments from the shelter about how wrong it is.

    • Thanks for the extra information. I guess the monkey could have been saved from a lab but that is hardly wonderful as you say. I find the whole thing a bit sick personally and it is distressing to read about a young monkey clinging on to a toy cat as surrogate mother.

      It is similar to the Paris Hilton habit of carrying around a miniature dog or a dwarf cat in her handbag. It is celebrity pets.

      I wonder if the executive gave Bieber the monkey to try and stabilise him as he appears to be stressed up.

  5. He’s old enough to get married, old enough to be a father, old enough to drive a car, old enough to vote, old enough to drink alcohol…..surely he’s old enough to have compassion for animals!

  6. Poor little Mally, wild animals are just trophy possessions to some people and ‘celebrities’ like Justin Bieber are amongst the worst.
    I’ll never forget the terrible conditions the poor animals belonging to Michael Jackson were found in, so many people mourning him when he died but not many mourned the captive suffering animals.
    I don’t feel sorry for Bieber or any other person like him, they could do so much good with all their money but they choose to spend it on self indulgence.

      • If I had come into a large amount of money at 19 I think I would have wanted to do a lot of good with it. I was so idealistic at that age, always trying to be a better person. Now that I’m middle aged I know that’s impossible, so I’ve kind of given up and become very cynical. No human being can be good– we’re just steeped in sin at birth, so there really isn’t hope. But at 19 I didn’t know that and I wanted to go out and make the world a better place.

        Nineteen is certainly old enough to know better than to treat a living breathing animal as nothing more than a possession like a car or a pair of shoes. I know I cared deeply for my cat at that age. I also knew, even at 19, that wild animals are not pets. I’ve heard about other bad behavior from this kid. Personally, I don’t think he’s even talented.

        It all becomes about marketing. If someone actually has talent and has had to work for where they are, they don’t usually behave so poorly. Working hard to develop your talent develops character. I’ll give an example: Shirley Temple. She was a huge star from a very young age. She had real talent, worked her butt off since she was a tiny tot, and went on to be an upstanding citizen and a valuable, contributing member of society throughout her life. Fame doesn’t have to ruin a person. But when it’s thrust on someone who didn’t really earn it, it might be worse. Brittany Spears is another one that I just can’t understand how she ever became famous and her behavior has been terrible also at times. Her back up singers were so much better than her that it was just obvious she had no talent whatsoever. It’s all about looks these days– a certain image– instead of being about the music or a real talent. So if a wild animal seems to give them the right “look” they’ll keep one as a pet. But no amount of wealth or fame makes that ok. There are so many domesticated dogs and cats needing homes– with Beiber’s money why doesn’t he do something about that problem instead of buying a “pet” monkey? Many stars try to help and adopt various causes, donating huge sums of money and time. I think the public expects that of those who are more fortunate– that they use their fame and their money to help. People are going to get sick of kids like Bieber and he’ll find that fame is fleeting.

  7. How very disturbing. I saw it in the paper but couldn’t read it because it’s in German! Now I am horrified. It’s very sad. Will they abandon him? Is Mally disposable? If so the fact that they are playing with him seems incredibly weird and unmeaningful and just cruel. This is so sad. Where did they even get him? I just can’t stand it. He needs his mum and will never get her. He must be very scared and suffering.

    Do you think the German authorities are taking good care of him – I mean the people at the center where he is – they must care for animals right, it’s not like the US where animal abusers work with animals in many cases. I hope there is at least one empathetic person who is spending time with Mally and making him feel better.

    • The Germans care and are dealing with the difficulties presented by Bieber, and good for them. It is almost a European vs USA dilemma (or N. America as Bieber is Canadian who was discovered “in 2008 by American talent manager Scooter Braun”). With the greatest of respect to North Americans, Europeans have a different attitude towards animals and the carelessness towards this monkey by an Canadian has presented a problem in Germany.

      Note: this is not an attack on N. Americans, just one N. American individual or more particularly the men in suites who manage him. Bieber is a kid who is at the mercy of the music business.

      Bieber probably needs a friend and he can’t find one so he got a monkey.

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