Man Videos Himself Committing Cat Cruelty

Youth kicks cat

Youth kicks cat

A weird video because 17-year-old Walter Easley has provided evidence against himself for animal cruelty. He has been arrested.

He is one of those arrogant and ignorant idiots that we have all met at some time.

His defense is that he “threw” the cat and that the video was Photoshopped (edited and manipulated).

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Man Videos Himself Committing Cat Cruelty — 6 Comments

  1. I can’t bear to look at the video but I’d like to give that scumbag a good kicking himself so he knew what it felt like.
    To think he did that and videod it and seems to be proud of it is just terrible!
    I hope he gets well punished but it’s unlikely because animal abusers rarely do.
    How I agree about the double standards Michael! Mass killing of cats seems to be accepted, I wish people would see each cat as a separate living being and not as collective cats, however many cats whether one or a dozen are abused or killed is equally as bad.
    What is wrong with people that they are not protesting at this?
    There is a quote about that, I can’t find it right now but it’s something like ‘Knowing animals are abused and standing by doing nothing is as bad as abusing them yourself’
    I don’t think that’s quite true myself but it is true that there are too many people standing by and doing nothing to stop abuse and killing, they prefer to bury their heads.

  2. Ha ha. Great defence. I suppose they photo shopped what he said too. What a nasty moron. Next step would be kicking and mugging people.

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