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Mature Female Cat Co-operation in Colonies — 1 Comment

  1. Both Gigi’s mama and Molly/Red’s mama share eachother’s kittens both feeding them and playing with them. Molly/Red’s mama had kittens earlier this year and they just went off to new homes so she has started helping with Gigi’s mama full time, playing with the kittens and bringing them mice etc to play with. This has enabled Gigi’s mama to get some much needed time off. It’s amazing actually. The day Gigi was born Molly’s mama put Molly when Molly was one month old, with Gigi and Gigi’s sister (keeping her other 2 kittens) and the way it looked is that she gave Molly on loan to help keep the new kittens warm. It was very strange to kind 2 newborns and Molly on the other side of the house with them (she must have been carried all the way by her mum). It was the oddest thing it really was. Molly wasn’t worried in the slightest about not being with her mama. Amazing!

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