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Mayor Enjoys Driving Over Kittens — 4 Comments

  1. The lowest of the low is the only description of this murderer.
    If he speeded up to run a person over he’d be accused of premeditated murder so he should be for the cats he’s killing.
    I’d chain him to a railway line when an express train was due so he would find out once and for all how the cats feel as they die and best of all he’d be a goner so he couldn’t do it ever again.

  2. I dont have the words to say how much i cant stand people who do this to precious living animals ,be it cats or dogs.Someone in that town should stand up to him and turn him into the police.He should be put in jail and put in with an animal lover that is aslo a fighter and get beat up till he is about dead and if he runs over one more cat,he will get more of the same.

  3. Why are the people there allowing Gendron to get away with this? Openly boasting about killing cats on purpose. Surely there must be some cat lovers in that town?
    He’s a dangerous man, his twisted mind could next turn to killing children who dare to cross the road he’s driving along!
    If the Mayor in our town acted the way that scumbag does, he’d be prosecuted for animal abuse for deliberately killing cats and he’d be stripped of his title.
    Are there no animal protection laws in Canada?

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