Mayor Enjoys Driving Over Kittens

Mayor Gendron
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Canadian Stephane Gendron, the mayor of Huntingdon, Quebec, deliberately, and with joy in his heart, drives his pickup truck over cats and kittens whenever he sees them on the road. He openly admits to speeding up to get to them before they can get out of the way. Charming man.

How in heavens name he was elected to be mayor of this 2,500 town is completely unfathomable. There can only be one reason: the citizens of Huntington are equally stupid.

This apology for a person is also a radio presenter. He has a loud bragging voice and speaks French in that course Canadian accent that is harsh to listen too. Basically Mr Gendron is a nasty, arrogant idiot who should be charged with animal cruelty and prosecuted hard and fast and sentenced to the maximum the law allows. He should be stripped of his pathetic mayoral role, placed in the stocks and cat feces thrown at him.

So we know Gendron deliberately kills cats, committing multiple crimes. It would seem to me that he is very unlikely to be charged because the citizens of this town are, as stated, no better by and large than their mayor.

Gendron also appears to be racist and anti-semitic. He has likened the Israelis to modern-day Nazis. He then backtracked by saying he was referring to the current Government of Israel. What is the difference?

There are other aspects of this person’s history that supports what we already know from his joy in running over kittens: he is a nasty idiot.

I really don’t want to spend more time writing about him. He has apologised but not for criminally killing cats but for the imagery he used, which implies he was making it up, which of course he wasn’t. He said this:

‘I admit that the imagery used served no purpose in advancing the debate on this issue… For all these reasons, I apologize. The use of dark humor was inappropriate in dealing with such a subject.’

Not long ago I wrote that we should be wary of cat haters in influential positions. This is a case in point. Fortunately,  Gendron’s admission to killing cats was so gross he was instantly hated by all decent minded people.

“First of all, cats have no business being in the road, if it’s a stray cat in the road, bang, I accelerate,” Gendron said.

I have a terrible urge to do the thing to him but with a bigger vehicle.

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4 thoughts on “Mayor Enjoys Driving Over Kittens”

  1. The lowest of the low is the only description of this murderer.
    If he speeded up to run a person over he’d be accused of premeditated murder so he should be for the cats he’s killing.
    I’d chain him to a railway line when an express train was due so he would find out once and for all how the cats feel as they die and best of all he’d be a goner so he couldn’t do it ever again.

  2. I dont have the words to say how much i cant stand people who do this to precious living animals ,be it cats or dogs.Someone in that town should stand up to him and turn him into the police.He should be put in jail and put in with an animal lover that is aslo a fighter and get beat up till he is about dead and if he runs over one more cat,he will get more of the same.

  3. Why are the people there allowing Gendron to get away with this? Openly boasting about killing cats on purpose. Surely there must be some cat lovers in that town?
    He’s a dangerous man, his twisted mind could next turn to killing children who dare to cross the road he’s driving along!
    If the Mayor in our town acted the way that scumbag does, he’d be prosecuted for animal abuse for deliberately killing cats and he’d be stripped of his title.
    Are there no animal protection laws in Canada?


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