Meet Daniel

May I introduce Daniel, my next-door neighbour? He is very intelligent, active and athletic. He also is very handsome. He likes to do his own thing – very independent. Indeed, he is a bit wild at heart but in the best possible way. The photo is by me, Michael. You can use it if you like under a creative commons attribution, noncommercial, no derivatives license. Please stick to the license if you use the photo – thank you.

Daniel an F3 Bengal cat

Daniel is an F3 (third filial or three generations from a wild Asian leopard cat) Bengal cat. He lives with Pierrot. Daniel looks very big here, almost like a wild cat. But he is not that large to be honest. But he has all the bling and zing that a cat needs. He stands out from the crowd, big time.

And can he run! They experts say that a domestic cat can run at a maximum of 31 mph. Well, this guy is the champion! He would beat Usain Bolt by a street over 100 metres every time.

I captured the photo very quickly, as usual. He was in the garden being closely supervised by Pierrot. I saw him, grabbed the camera and within about 3 mins the whole photo session was over. I think he was considering climbing this tree! Now that would have been a sight.

One last point. Daniel is not a show cat; just Pierrot’s companion. He could be though.

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