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  1. He has all the qualities of a big, solid, ginger tabby tom cat. These are boss cat types and a classic cat.

    My mother kept a domestic ginger tabby tom once and one day he left (despite being spoiled) and never came back. He spent his almost his entire life in the wild and came back when he was near the end of his life and had arthritis from all those cold winters he endured.

    He just walked in a settled down. He was badly crippled by then.

    • Ouch. He was an adventurer, clearly. Well, I hope Marvin is done exploring and will settle in for his old age here with me. I’ll let you know.


  2. That’s such a nice story – thanks for sharing! These kinds of stories are the best 🙂 …hope he will decide to come live with you this winter. Good luck.

      • Hi dw..he is a beautiful cat. He is a true male cat. He has a very strong male cat face. He likes you. You have a friend for life. He needs a bit of female TLC. And well done. You’re good to have made his life better.

        • Thanks Michael. And yes, he has a muscular frame and big square face. I’d have named him Macho! I have to keep a thick towel on my porch chair for my lap, as he is a vigorous kneading cat and I’d never trim his nails. He needs them I’m sure, living the tomcat life. Plus, my lap is too small for him. He’s huge.

          He will always have a place in my heart and on my lap.


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