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Melanistic Jungle Cat and Chausie — 5 Comments

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  2. They are both such amazing looking cats. One of my friends kittens this last spring was black with long long fur and the ends were ticked like that. It gave her an almost silver sheen. I thought she looked very special although I now have her littermate and sister. I am curious now, having read this article, what she looks like now. Perhaps she is melanistic. Her sister is a shorthair tuxedo, so no particular relation there. Different dad’s I suppose. But this kitten definitely has a very special look to her. The ticks only started to show after a few weeks, not in the begginning.

    The photos of the 2 cats in this article are really something! And I agree with Dorothy that the Jungle cat has a much bigger look or style such that you might expect him to weigh alot more than 8-13pounds. Without a measurement or scale object next to him you really have no idea. If you said he was the size of a big leopard I would believe it maybe! What a character 🙂

  3. Thanks for your constant education. This a strange and beautiful cat. And 8 to 13 pounds seems so small. Like a small domestic cat. Very interesting. I’d love to see a picture of him in a larger setting for size comparison.


    • Hi dw, I think I have understated the weight slightly. The range is probably nearer 7-22 lbs. You may get some that are up to 30 lbs. I used a book for the initial figures that is probably less reliable than my usual sources (I should have used PoC!). However, a lot of jungle cats are smaller than a large domestic cat. A large number of species of wild cat are similar in size to the domestic cat. The world’s smallest cat, wild or domestic is the gorgeous rusty spotted cat which can be as small as 1.76 pounds.

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