Men need to express their true opinions about their liking of cats. Men tend to lie about things to present a masculine or macho front in order to fit in.

More than 90% (9 out of ten) men admit to lying about enjoying sport1. They do it to impress their friends, colleagues and sometimes their boss at work, in order to fit in. Two UK sports are highlighted in a study: football and Formula 1 motor racing.

61% of men faked an interest in football. 52% of men faked an interest in F1 motor racing1. They said they enjoyed motor racing so they can could get on at work and fit in with other men, yet they hated the noise of motor racing and the fact that no one can tell who is leading the race unless a commentator tells you. F1 motor racing has become ridiculously complicated.

What about cats? Ruth (aka Kattaddorra) made an interesting point in another post . It is an idea which I had totally overlooked and which I had not thought about: it is nice when men show a more sensitive side and say they like cats.

I find it odd that men don’t express their liking of cats (I presume that some don’t). What percentage of men lie about their love for cats to other men? We have no idea. To like cats is not macho enough. It is way too girly for some men. They believe that male colleagues will take the piss out of you if you tell them you like cats. This is stupidity. It is fake macho nonsense.

Men need to express their true opinions. I bet there are many men who like cats but keep quiet for fear of being branded not masculine enough.  I love cats. If these silly blokes who are critical of male cat lovers were to meet me they would understand that you don’t have to be gay or effeminate to love cats. Lots of men love cats. They care for them brilliantly.

I actually believe that as many men that love cats also love dogs although the accepted view is that men overwhelmingly prefer dogs.

The Samaritans is a British charity that provides telephone support to people in need for whatever reason. In a study it was found that most men who contact the Samaritans want to talk about loneliness2.

Most men are dependent on wives or girlfriends for emotional support. When the relationship breaks down they are deprived of it. They become desperate.

I believe that a lot of men could ease the discomfort of loneliness if they looked after a cat. They will have to open up and admit that they like cats or explore that possibility. Perhaps they have never given it a thought. They should. Cats keep many single, independent and intelligent women company.

For the majority of people I will guess that a cat will never fully substitute the loss of a human partner but in many cases a cat will be a good subsitute provided the man is open to the idea and therefore in contact with his emotions.


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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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  • Men who know nothing about cats or don't like cats tend to think men who do like cats aren't masculine. It seems that men who love cats and live with them aren't afraid to admit this to anyone else, men included provided that they too also love cats; this is because they have something in common! My hubby loves cat chat with other men who also have cats 'my Alfie does this and my ozzie does that' is the way it goes. Its lovely and I think most women prefer men who don't demonstrate all this macho rubbish.

    Men! get real! Get in touch with your your femine side! Its far more attractive!

  • I really dislike all this macho rubbish, I like a man to be kind, gentle and honest and to admit he loves cats without shame. Hmmm I've just described my late husband John there. Seriously though what is with all this display of aggression and why do some men these days feel the need to have a horrible pared-to-the-bone fighting type dog as a badge of masculinity? Real men visit PoC!!

    • I think it has got a lot worse, the macho men thing. I think it is because the world is becoming more competitive, more of a rat race. There was an interesting story in the papers recently about army personnel muscle building more than they used to and using supplements that are potential health problems. I just think the world has become more difficult, ruder and, as a say, more competitive which leads men to respond by being more macho. That is just a guess.

      • I think you're right, in the good weather the muscle vests were out, showing the tattoos, while the testosterone louts swaggered showing off their macho-ness. It just makes me think YUCK! Everyone seems so bold nowadays, no refinement whatsoever! Where is that time machine, lets go back a bit I say.

        • Babz and Michael I know what you mean I just think men with vicious dogs are lacking in something and have to have a status symbol because they know that deep down they are nothing but insipid wimps. I hate to see these men showing off their unattractive bodies in the summer :( You're lucky Babz if the ones round by you wear vests round here they go bare chested! Worse!! Yuk!!

  • I wonder if in the future, all men will become more honest about loving cats?
    I think more men show their emotions these days by crying, where in my late father's day that was something men would very rarely do in public.
    If only they realised that most women admire a man more for showing his emotions, well I do anyway!

    • You are right about women liking to see men show emotions and tenderness.

      The recent firefighter story is a about a firefighter who tries to save the life of a kitten and he becomes loved by an army of women. Great. He is showing a tender side, the soft of thing that is considered to be the domain of women. Point proved.

  • According to me, among the pet animals, the "CAT" is the most masculine of pets. A cat has a independent nature unlike a dog which will bow and bend to the whims and fancies of its human owners. Cats are very territorial akin to tigers and lions and i have experienced this first hand in my own house with my cats. Didn't Ernest.Hemingway, one of the most macho men in literature own cats as pets ? I feel that most men prefer dogs since they can dominate them unlike cats which like to dominate humans!

    Here is a photo of "Tomcat Matata" taken about 2 years ago by a professional former Media photographer from India Mr Leonard.Aarons. Notice the fierceness in the face of the cat. "Tomcat Matata" is the definition of the ultra predator who loves stalking and spares no insect or lizard in the house.

    • Didn’t Ernest.Hemingway, one of the most macho men in literature own cats as pets ?

      That is an excellent thought. I'll use that the next time someone insults me for liking cats ;)

  • Now I know why almost every man I ask about cats they say they don't like them, and I see many houses with cats...

    • Yeh, men lie about being macho. There is a lot of peer pressure. Men should be confident enough in their own skin to speak exactly as they feel and to hell with the consequences. Life is so much easier and less stressful when your public persona is the same as your inner persona.

  • Aren't cats ferocious predators and killers, and often fight among themselves (for territory, mates, or no particular reason) as well? And they are always stoic and silent even when hurt or upset. Seems masculine enough to me.

    • Good point. Cats are at the top of the top league of predators, so men should admire than and aspire to be like them. Men should connect with them. Thanks for that idea Beau.

  • Boy, a tough subject. Ofcourse there are scientific theories as to why men less expressive than women. I really don't believe that men are psychologically structured differently.
    I believe that we are all taught "gender norms". Boys are taught to keep their emotions under wrap.
    I think just as many men as women like cats. I think they are just more likely to show it in secret though.
    If men only believed that they are so much more attractive and sexy to women when they show their vulnerable and tender side, maybe it would be different.
    But, for today, I've lived with them and without them. And, the latter is better.

  • My husband won't admit he lives Monty, though he obviously does. He and Monty enjoy some special moments together every morning while I'm still thinking about getting out of bed. I know because Jeff filmed it with his iPhone camera one morning. Monty gets petted with Jeff's foot in the morning, which he loves. He also jumps into Jeff's hanging chair (it's like a hammock hung from the ceiling, but it's a chair.) Then Jeff says to Monty that he doesn't have time to sit in that chair in the morning. After work though, Jeff climbs into his hanging chair and Monty jumps up on his lap. Jeff pets him all the ways he loves to be stroked and Monty purrs his fool head off. Sometimes very early in the morning Jeff will get up and bring Monty into bed with us, holding him under the covers and petting him until Monty purrs so loudly that it wakes me up. Yet Jeff says he doesn't love Monty, he just tolerates him. If that were true he wouldn't go out of his way to have contact with Monty, and take the time to find out all the ways Monty likes to be petted and choose to pet him when he could be sleeping.

    • Jeff sounds like a typical man ;) LOL. I am pleased he connects so well with Monty. Liking and loving cats is not a man or woman thing. It's a human thing. It's about people liking animals and respecting animals.

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