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Microchips unsafe for humans. Safe for cats? — 7 Comments

  1. We just have to hope the good outweighs the bad,my cats are chipped because the vet recommended it.
    I expect one day all new born babies will be chipped and their fingerprints and dna taken so that big brother can watch everyone,good to combat crime but hardly the land of the free for anyone anymore.

  2. I think because animals don’t have such long lives as humans do, maybe the benefit of microchips outweigh the possible long term effects of them.
    Cats Protection reunite a lot of lost and found cats with their caretakers because of microchips so they never adopt a cat or a kitten out without one.
    Our cats are both microchipped with built in thermometers which saves them from having to have a usual thermometer inserted in their bottom, which isn’t a very nice procedure for a cat.
    I do worry about side effects of not only microchips but all drugs and chemicals around these days and about the future of the planet as more inventions take over from Mother Nature.

    • I believe you are right, Ruth. On balance microchipping is beneficial to cats and cat caretakers. There are some question marks, however, that need to be flagged up, I feel.

      • Yes you are right, we need to keep on asking questions Michael, not just accepting everything without a thought.

        • yes – exactly – it’s good to think about it and be aware of whats really involved and going on but in the end I would say they are a good idea however I would want them to be done very carefully and well by an experienced vet. I wouldn’t want it to move or cause issues by being slightly badly placed.

  3. Michael, all I know is that I would rather have my cat find me. I don’t like searching for my cat. 3. and 4. are more significant, in my understanding.

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