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  1. I love your poems Carol and of course cats have souls how could creatures so innocent and pure not have them?

    • Of course they do, if they didn’t have a soul how could they have feelings? 🙂 they would be androids…

      Thank you for your appreciation of my poems Rose

      Love and Light

  2. Thank you Cal, Rudolph and Ruth…

    They do have souls Ruth, don’t let anyone say otherwise 🙂 You must have an open mind. But always remember a healthy bit of skepticism is good too. If you don’t have that then you are easily fooled. But you must believe they do have souls as they do 🙂

    I am going to put a few lines of dialog here between Sylvia Browne (famous psychic) and interviewer about animals…

    A: I know how important pets/animals are to you, how does this book follow the first two you wrote about pets?

    S: The other two were more childrens’ books. This one was more in-depth with interviews and my own philosophy and what I know psychically and how I’ve gotten in contact with pets on the other side so this is really a bigger anthology than that.

    And, I just got sick and tired of hearing priests and ministers say that animals don’t have souls and that just fired me up. So I thought, I’ll take care of that, I’m gonna write a book about that once and for all.

    A: As an animal lover, it’s hard for me to think there are people who don’t believe animals have souls.

    S: They teach us unconditional love and loyalty and all those other things that we as humans have to learn which [they} command normally.

    A: I had several questions submitted to me from people who are hoping you can provide them with an answer or reassurance.

    You say everyone eventually crosses over. How do we ‘share’ pets if our pets have had more than one owner in their life?

    S: It’s not the way you perceive it to be. Everybody loves everybody over there, all of our animals love us and are with us.
    We have seven dogs and some are closer to me and some are closer to my husband but we love all of them.

    A: If you say we are reincarnated, why can’t we come back as an animal?

    S: We don’t transmigrate, no, there is nothing to learn from that. Animals don’t have lessons to learn. They’re here to be companions to us. We’re the ones who have to learn how not be jealous and averse and greedy and all those other things – animals don’t have that. Why would they have to come back?

    A: If our pet is ill and we have to make the decision to put him/her to sleep, how can we know we are doing the right thing?

    S: Oh no, the animal understands that. I sometimes think we’re kinder to animals than we are to people (in such cases). Of course they understand, you never wish them to suffer, it’s always the right thing.

    A: Can our pets come back to reassure us that they’re ok and if so how?

    S: Absolutely, I’ve had many friends, people, share stories of how their pets came back to check on them, even hearing the sound of paws down the hall.

    A: I was asked why animals are so much more pure and seemingly on a different or higher level than humans.

    S: Animals are completely unconditional. We, as humans, well it takes an awful long time to learn that. We can learn an awful lot from animals because they don’t care if you’re sick or well or how you look, they just love you anyway.

    It’s not a matter of levels of importance. Animals are pure companions to man and woman. Angels ‘are’ because they ‘are’. Animals ‘are’ because they ‘are’ and humans ‘are’ because they ‘are’ – we’re just different levels of creation.

    P.S. Sometimes my Ari comes to visit me, he knows how much I love him and in the wee hours of the morning I see him sitting on the hearth briefly 🙂

  3. Such a lovely deep poem Carol, you have me in tears once again.
    What a beautiful cat and just look at those eyes, how can anyone say animals don’t have souls!

  4. Michael thank you for the beautiful job you do on laying out our posts. You do a marvelous job!

    Love and Light

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