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Milo’s Birthday!! — 10 Comments

  1. sounds like monty is having a lot of fun with you !! i have heard of devil’s lake before where is it located again i may have been there years ago i just don’t remember where it was that is awesome carving pumpkins is always fun specially when people shape the pumpkins into something fun and creative too !!

  2. I love Halloween too, Darleen. A lot of Christians get their undies in a bundle over it, but I’m glad you enjoy yourself! We bought pumpkins to carve (and some to make pies out of) while we were in Baraboo this weekend. I found a white pumpkin that is sort of oblong shaped. It will look like a ghost when carved, I think.
    Monty was chasing me this morning in the yard. We have a largish back yard (for in the city) and I was jogging around the yard as part of my morning exercise. Monty kept leaping out and pouncing on me! If you want to really have some fun walking outside, try Devil’s Lake in Baraboo sometime. Just be careful if you climb up the bluffs– stay on the path and well back from the edge! Don’t let the name scare you– it was called Spirit Lake by the Ho-Chunk Indians– as in the Great Spirit, meaning God’s Lake. Why white people decided to call it Devil’s Lake, I don’t really know. There used to be black squirrels around there, but I haven’t seen any lately.

  3. Hi Darlene! I’m glad you and Milo are well. Happy Birthday to Milo! I’m glad you are enjoying fun autumn activities, like a hay ride and Halloween parties. The autumn leaves are really beautiful this year– they seem very vibrant and bright, especially the reds. Monty likes to chase the leaves when we go out in the yard together. Happy Halloween to you and Milo!

    • thank you ruth yeah i was planning to take a walk down a beautiful path in the park but there has been so much wind that the wind blew the leaves off the trees i love taking pictures of the beauty of fall the changing colors is like the rainbow of true life but now i will have to see that must be funny to watch monty chase after the leaves that must be so entertaining to you cat are the best aren’t they? yeah i am very much looking forward to my outings i will be going on this much i think i am to over excited about IT a matter a fact halloween is my very favorite time of the year HAPPY HALLOWEEN MY DEAR !!!!

  4. Hi Darlene
    Good to hear from you and Milo!I am trying to get my kitty to eat wet food. The Dry cat food is too high in carbs and I just lost my other cat of thirteen years to diabetes. I miss him so much.Just a thought.
    Milo is beautiful!

  5. Hi Darlene. Nice from you. It has been quite a long time. I am very pleased that you and Milo are well. And we can look forward to Halloween. I hope you have a nice time.

  6. Hi Darlene and happy birthday to Milo when her birthday comes x
    She looks beautiful and well in your lovely photo.
    I’m glad to hear you are happy and enjoying life too, have a good Halloween

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