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Muhammed treated cats better than women. Discuss — 12 Comments

    • Rudolph I love your interesting thoughts too. I think it’s OK to join in topics here on PoC without worrying about the consequences as most of us respect each others views and the more we read of them the more we can learn from them.

    • You are absolutely right about that Rudolph. I doubt there is anything more deadly than religion. It’s quite simple really and I have always tended to avoid it as well. I don’t know why I have lately been drawn into it – I think the main reason is that I am entirely appalled by my own society. Not so much because of what it does. All societies have blood on their hands, but because it claims to have a worldwide moral high ground. It claims to be liberal – it even instigates war based on maintaining it’s idea of ‘freedom’ as being the right one.

      People complain about Russia and China but the difference is that they don’t claim to be morally righteous or free on the international stage, whereas our European and US bully and point fingers at others, all the while claiming to be righteous.

      If the US and the UK would just bloody well shut up and accept the fact that they are authoritarian plutocracies who spin it in their own so called democratic way – which is no different or worse or better than anywhere else then I wouldn’t feel so offended by the governments I happen to live under.

      So shut up america (UK stop following along) and just admit what you are – that way I can get on with my life and not feel the need to get so involved in things as dirty or blood soaked as religion and worry about helping the cause of cats.

    • LOL. Yes, true. I actually find Islam quite interesting. Shame it has been hijacked by extremists and is backward looking.

      Religion tends to get messed up by people.

  1. lol – you make a good point – people in the 21st century living according to a book written 1400 years ago is beyond a joke. It can never and will never work.

    However Republican America with its Christian religious extremist views about things like abortion is no different – perhaps worse – because its not even in the bible, its something they made up because they are a bunch of mesogynist assholes. And now we hear about the global gag law again inthe news. If the US didn’t go around pointing it’s finger at other cultures then it might be ok but since it does choose to bomb the brown people and complain about human rights in other parts of the world it just reaks of hypochrisy.

    • people in the 21st century living according to a book written 1400 years ago is beyond a joke. It can never and will never work

      We agree it is about that. It is about stupid people, really. The Bible belt scares me 😉 It is that big bit in the middle of America where they shoot in the name in God, liberty, defense of property….and in the name of all that is good in the US of A. I hate to say it but I am beginning think a bit like a “brown person” who lives on a dusty street in some godforsaken semi-desert. They are my sort of people.

      I am becoming an anarchist. The hypocrisy of the American government is breathtaking.

      Manning is very brave and may he be treated decently in prison. As far as we know, no one was hurt by his disclosures yet he gets 35 years in prison. Reactionary establishment as far as I am concerned.

    • Marc, when I write an article I try and be even handed and controlled. That is not always the way I feel. I want to scream sometimes. Should I scream some more?

      • I should learn to shut up about politics on a cat site. Thats what should happen. I just always feel the need to put something like the Q’ran in balance with our own society just incase…. but people here are plenty intelligent enough to know what I am saying anyway.

        • Marc this is more than a cat site, we need to discuss everything to do with our world to make it a better place for cats 🙂
          I hope your back is better now x

          • Thank you Ruth – its soooo sloooow – but its almost better. I would say in one more week it will be entirely gone 🙂 Thank you for asking 🙂

        • Yes, I see your point. But you know politics and religion affects us and therefore our cats. I think I almost have to touch on these things sometime to widen the discussion.

          The conventional cat topics have been chewed over endlessly.

      • I for one love it that you scream Michael and Marc I love your responses, political and all, you are two very passionate and deep thinking men and unafraid to speak out and the world needs more like you!
        No Muhammed couldn’t have been so bad if he loved cats and cared for their welfare, he was just engrained in tradition and really as much a victim of the time as were his poor chattel wives, he was unable to think he could change.
        I think people stick in tradition too long, look at declawing, yes the old topic I bang on about every chance I get lol
        But some people who declaw say ‘Our family have always had their cats declawed’
        As if that makes it right!
        Why don’t people think for themselves, it’s not right to carry on doing something without thinking why do I do it?
        Humanity can only make good progress by doing just that, not be following old ways without question, like a flock of sheep.

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