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  1. It is defiantly easier to introduce a new cat or cats when all parties are neutered. We have a great show here in the states “My Cat From Hell” with amazing cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy. In the homes he visits there are often human problems as well as cat needs no being met. There are ‘up high cats’ and ‘down low cats’. Making sure each cat has an appropriate territory to claim is amazingly important to getting feuding cats to chill out. Other factors are hormones from non-neutered cats, medical or diet issues. This past weekend he introduced a new concept. The cat was being taunted by feral cats in the wee hours of the morning. Jackson staked out the area and caught one to prove it to them (and he explained TNR which rocked!) The cat was stressed! So emotions can play a part of it too.

    Thanks, very interesting topic.

    • Great comment. Pleased to read your comment. Space to hide or just space high up is enough to give a cat time to retreat from socialising! About humans… well that is a big and important subject which affects the environment big time. A nice calm environment with lots of routine and interaction between human and cat of the right kind is great for the well-being of cats. It is the humans we should think more about. Get them right and everything is right for the cat.

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