My Cat “Shrimp”

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My Shrimpster is an unassuming red tabby. Rescued at five weeks, he had both upper and lower respiratory infections so severe, eyes glued shut, that he was left blind in his left eye and unable to “meow” until he was three yrs old.

He looks up at me, eyes wide, opening his freckled mouth to meow endearingly his question. “May I please have my turkey, now?”

I scratch him lovingly behind the ear, open the fridge door; he stretches up, front paws on the top shelf, and looks over his shoulder into my eyes… oh, my goodness, I only wish that I could take a picture.

The sweetness of the moment does not allow it. maybe, soon. 🙂


Hi Cal

I have just seen your post. Thanks for sharing. You did great work getting My Shrimpster to good health. The sort of illness he was suffering from is so common in rescue cats. A recent post I made is about a group of cats all of which were blinded by the herpes virus. This is the post:

Compassion is the first requirement for a vet

Shrimp likes turkey. My boy loves chicken and ham but not turkey. You’d think that if he loves chicken he’d love turkey, but no.

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  1. Comment moved by Michael to this page. Comment is from Caroline

    Please comment on this, my friends? Shrimp’s left eye is getting worse, and I do not think that it is due to Diabetes Type II, nor I. He may have Glaucoma, that is true. But here’s the thing: i gave him his dose of Advantage II, and he is suddenly sneezing like he hasn’t done, with his scar tissue in his nose, and from pollen, mold, mildew, allergies to pollens and food smells that irritate him; why is he doing this?

    • Caroline, you say:

      He may have Glaucoma, that is true

      With respect, you should not be guessing what is wrong. If your cat has an eye condition that is getting worse there is only one thing to do, isn’t there? You decide.

  2. You love him so much I can tell and rescued cats always seen to know what you did for them and they never forget. 🙂

    • Shrimptar is always in my visual. I promised I would die, if he passed away. Thanks is why I am writing tonight. Please find a way to take care with all your heart and soul. Thanks.


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