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My cat has extremely potent smelling urine. Please help? — 2 Comments

  1. Cats are very tolerant to pain and will eat, purr, and sngugle up to your attention, even while in pain. This pattern of behavior is all the more difficult that they could be manifestations of out-of-cat litter experiments signaling fe9lin.C UTI is up to you to determine if your cat has UTI or not . For this a correct understanding of urinary symptoms in cats is necessaire.Pour determine if your cat has a urinary tract infection or not, check the following symptoms: Pain in urinant Mictions fre9quentesD’urine little or no excess in toutToilettage ge9nitauxPleurer bodies while the faisantSang in urine is a symptom of the almost certain urinary tract infection in chats.Si your cat has stopped using the litter box and urinates outside of it, you can suspect the presence of infection urinaire.Comme d to urinate becomes a painful exercise that your cat will begin to associate with the litter and try to avoid it and urinate out of it. If it does, over an area of ​​light color, you can search for traces of blood and ask for help to treat trouble.Ne let go untreated . take your cat to the vet as soon as possible. feedng cats Avoid food products with fish. Microsopic bones can cause blockages in the pathways urinaires.La most common cause of urinary tract disorders is a feline urolithiasis, a condition where the stones are formed by the accumulation of crystals in the urinary tract. This condition can break and cause a complete blockage of the urinary tract and avoid urinating completely.

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