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Cats Love Us Differently — 6 Comments

  1. Quite true, cats are cats they’re not mini humans in fur coats, it’s the arrogance of humans again that convince themselves that cats would even remotely desire to be a human rather than cats. Our cats, along with the cats of other POC’ers and millions of other cats hopefully, have a good life with no responsibilities. Cats never have to make or keep promises, never have to feel guilty, have totally clear consciences no matter what, sleep when they want, play when they want, receive love and adoration, food and sometimes even squirty cream on demand. Why would a cat want to be a human?

    • Right. No cat would enjoy being a human.
      There are days, though, when I would love to be a cat – carefree, cuddled, cared for. Heck, I’d be happy with even an hour.

    • A birthday. Not mine. Champagne is very easy to drink! I can vouch for that. Larry Hagman (JR in Dallas) drank 4 bottles every day when filming the television series 😉

  2. Yes exactly Michael! Cats are cats, they are not people, they don’t want to be people and shouldn’t be treated as people.
    They should be accepted and respected as much as any other family member because they are members of the family, but in a different form to the human members.
    They can’t act like humans, why should they, you might as well say we should act like cats!
    They do love us but in a different way to how we love them, if we upset them and they lash out then it’s our fault, not theirs, because we should respect them as cats.
    I have unconditional love for our cats and so should everyone.

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