Name These Five Cat Breeds

A chance to test your cat breed knowledge. If you can name these five cat breeds you know your pedigree cats very well indeed. Some are easy but, for me, at least one is very difficult because it is a bit of a trick question. Even if you know cat breeds well, I find it can be difficult to name the breed. This is because some cat breeds do look similar anyway and if the individual cats are not “to type” their looks can creep towards the appearance of a different by similar looking breed. For example the Norwegian Forest and Maine Coon cats.

Another obstacle to cat breed identification is that the same breed looks different when breed in say Europe and America. Finally, one particular cat breed, the famous Siamese, has created many other breeds. There is a bit of Siamese in a number of other breeds such as the Balinese, Oriental Shorthair, Javanese, Thai, Snowshoe and  Tonkinese.

The five below were chosen, more or less at random.

Name these cat breeds
Name these cat breeds. Photos copyright Helmi Flick
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