Name These Five Cat Breeds

A chance to test your cat breed knowledge. If you can name these five cat breeds you know your pedigree cats very well indeed. Some are easy but, for me, at least one is very difficult because it is a bit of a trick question. Even if you know cat breeds well, I find it can be difficult to name the breed. This is because some cat breeds do look similar anyway and if the individual cats are not “to type” their looks can creep towards the appearance of a different by similar looking breed. For example the Norwegian Forest and Maine Coon cats.

Another obstacle to cat breed identification is that the same breed looks different when breed in say Europe and America. Finally, one particular cat breed, the famous Siamese, has created many other breeds. There is a bit of Siamese in a number of other breeds such as the Balinese, Oriental Shorthair, Javanese, Thai, Snowshoe and  Tonkinese.

The five below were chosen, more or less at random.

Name these cat breeds
Name these cat breeds. Photos copyright Helmi Flick
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12 thoughts on “Name These Five Cat Breeds”

  1. This is the answer:

    1. American Burmese (sable colour)
    2. Himalayan (pointed flat-faced Persian) with dark pointed coat.
    3. European Burmese – completely different to the American version
    4. Oriental Shorthair with a grey coat
    5. Scottish Fold with bicolor (orange tabby and white) coat.

    Thanks for participating.

  2. Korat, Flat faced persian, Russian Blue, Havanna and some sort of fold!! I’m probably wrong with all of them!!

  3. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    Oh dear this brings back memories of what a nit I looked when I was vet nursing and had to fill in breeds on vaccination certificates. I was terrible at identifying the different ones because to me each and every cat was beautiful, it didn’t matter to me if they were pedigree or moggie, so no I don’t think I will have a go at this lol

  4. 1. Burmese (maybe) 2. Himalayan 3. Tonkinese 4. Oriental Shorthair (wedge version)5. Scottish Fold.

    I thought Havana Brown at first, but the body is just a little too cobby for a Havana. Eyes look too gold. Havanas have green eyes. But, it could be the lighting in the photo too.

    1. Hi Rowwdy, thanks for your comment. Well done, you are correct but for one cat and that cat is a very difficult cat breed to identify. I can’t say more for the time being because I’d like other people to try 😉 Well that is the idea…

  5. 1 – bombay (doesnt look like havana brown?) 2 – Freaky Himalayan? 3 – Burmese? 4 – modern siamese 5 – Scottish fold.

    Did I get them all wrong?

    1. I must have fallen into the trap – 1 and 3 are probably just US and European shorthairs – it’s a trick question right.

    2. Marc, you are very close and well done. You definitely have a feel for the cat breeds. Not quite right though. I’ll provide the answers in about a week to let others try if they like.

      Thanks for trying.

  6. The Siamese off-shoot is my current want-to-learn. All the new hairless breeds are confusing. I’ll save those until they settle themselves out. I’m really tempted to go to the Helmi site and cheat, but I’ll give it a proper go in the morning. Need to do school… the email title caught my eye as it came in, had to see the breeds… 🙂

    1. Hi, I am not even sure Helmi’s site will help with at least one of these. Have a nice day. I agree the difference between the Donsky (Don Sphynx) and Sphynx is impossible to see.

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