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Name These Five Cat Breeds — 12 Comments

  1. This is the answer:

    1. American Burmese (sable colour)
    2. Himalayan (pointed flat-faced Persian) with dark pointed coat.
    3. European Burmese – completely different to the American version
    4. Oriental Shorthair with a grey coat
    5. Scottish Fold with bicolor (orange tabby and white) coat.

    Thanks for participating.

  2. Oh dear this brings back memories of what a nit I looked when I was vet nursing and had to fill in breeds on vaccination certificates. I was terrible at identifying the different ones because to me each and every cat was beautiful, it didn’t matter to me if they were pedigree or moggie, so no I don’t think I will have a go at this lol

  3. 1. Burmese (maybe) 2. Himalayan 3. Tonkinese 4. Oriental Shorthair (wedge version)5. Scottish Fold.

    I thought Havana Brown at first, but the body is just a little too cobby for a Havana. Eyes look too gold. Havanas have green eyes. But, it could be the lighting in the photo too.

    • Hi Rowwdy, thanks for your comment. Well done, you are correct but for one cat and that cat is a very difficult cat breed to identify. I can’t say more for the time being because I’d like other people to try ๐Ÿ˜‰ Well that is the idea…

  4. 1 – bombay (doesnt look like havana brown?) 2 – Freaky Himalayan? 3 – Burmese? 4 – modern siamese 5 – Scottish fold.

    Did I get them all wrong?

    • I must have fallen into the trap – 1 and 3 are probably just US and European shorthairs – it’s a trick question right.

    • Marc, you are very close and well done. You definitely have a feel for the cat breeds. Not quite right though. I’ll provide the answers in about a week to let others try if they like.

      Thanks for trying.

  5. The Siamese off-shoot is my current want-to-learn. All the new hairless breeds are confusing. I’ll save those until they settle themselves out. I’m really tempted to go to the Helmi site and cheat, but I’ll give it a proper go in the morning. Need to do school… the email title caught my eye as it came in, had to see the breeds… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi, I am not even sure Helmi’s site will help with at least one of these. Have a nice day. I agree the difference between the Donsky (Don Sphynx) and Sphynx is impossible to see.

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