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  1. Great article, it puts everything into perspective. My ex girlfriends brother and his girlfriend had a baby and they were so paranoid they wouldn’t go near our cats. We found that to be ridiculous. He was at the time working outside in their parents garden planting vegetables. It was truly absurd but they would not listen to any kind of argument we had. It became that we could not both go to the countryside house at the same time because we would bring our cats. By the way, there were cats already living in the area and passing through that garden so it didnt change a thing. This article really clarifies that its not just the cat and its got more to do with general hygiene than having cats in some ways. They are having another baby and although I am no longer in Slovenia my ex says its the same thing all over again. They wont go near her because of her cats. She stopped giving a sh** when she realised they don’t want to look it up online for themselves but would rather just be paranoid and stay that way without educating themselves. This is what really bothers me. This kind of thinking. This is why the cat ends up getting a bad rap. Its lack of wanting to learn and lack of caring about cats. They have a dog too who is constantly rolling around in dirt and then goes right up to the baby. You have no idea how ridiculous the whole thing is.
    But to conclude this little example, its a good example to demonstrate how it continues that cats get picked on overly for such a situation. Its nothing more than ignorance. By ignorance I mean it literally as ignoring, as in, ignoring the facts and leaving it 100% on the cat, and not on anything else. I’m sure if the worst happened they would blame the cats anyway. What to do? We tried telling them to look it up to no avail so it just stood still. And there you have it. ‘Cats are the only real bad thing in what causes toxoplasmosis so pregnant women should not ever go near any cat but can kiss a dog who rolls around in the dirt and can do gardening etc etc’ – I find this sort of thing very annoying and frustrating.

  2. I believe if we just practice good hygiene with hand washing and sterilizing things that need to be sterilized we’ll be ok. We should do that anyway. I’ve never been afraid of contracting anything from my cats.

  3. I’ve been watching that show “Monsters Inside Me” a lot lately, and it seems to me more people contract nasty parasites from dogs than from cats. So why is just the cat getting a bad rap? On one episode this toddler nearly died from worms contracted from dogs– not from the family cat. I’ve yet to see an episode where the monster inside the person came from the cat. It’s been from dogs quite a few times. But the cat is treated like the monster in the press. It’s my feeling that there is less risk of contracting something from your cat than from most other animals. It all goes back to good hand hygiene anyway. Also, it seems to me that it’s better to live in a cold climate. There seems to be more dangers from parasites in places with very warm or even tropical climates. People fear contracting something from their cat but then happily hop on a plane to some exotic destination which in reality holds a lot more dangers for them. Again, the cat gets the bad rap while actual dangers are ignored.

    • A wise comment. The media is not good for the cat. And warm weather creates all kinds of health problems in relation to parasites.

      I am sure that toxoplasmosis is over-egged. The internet just copies stuff and gradually people get the wrong message. The internet is a dangerous place for information. It tends to follow trends. And trends are not always correct and right.

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