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New Pet Food Stamp Program Announced — 3 Comments

  1. Our local Cats Protection co-ordinator Marion was recently trying to fathom out a way to help people in financial difficulties feed their pets rather than they have to relinquish them to CP or other Rescues.
    The problem is those of us who care are already at our limit supporting local needy cats in care and also the pet food collection point Babz has at her funeralcare office for many years, has almost dried up, very little cat food is being given now as people just can’t afford it.
    The pet food stamp program is a wonderful idea but I can’t see our government supporting one here as they care nothing about poor people and even less about animals.

  2. This is really nice of them to do and I hope they figure out a way to do it to where those who need it the most will get it. I just hope this doesn’t encourage people to get a pet that they can’t afford otherwise.

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