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Newborn Puppy Adopted By Siamese Mama Cat — 7 Comments

  1. What a beautiful news item. Mummy cats are such wonderful mothers and it’s no surprise to me that the puppy was accepted.

    This puppy is going to grow up into a dog who loves cats too.

    • Our Cujo grew up with cats as his teacher. he learned to stalk and pounce and jump from heights that scared us. After a year with just cats he’s finally learning to be a dog. He wrestles with the cats every day though.

  2. I’ve heard about mama cats accepting puppies very rarely and the other way around, dogs accepting kittens, much more often. I know they do this in rescues if they have a chance because some mamas have lost their babies and some babies their mamas, so regardless of species its important to try and help them. Its a real testament to the fact that when we are born we don’t have any nonsense in our heads, kittens and puppies are alike even to eachother. It’s beautiful actually – very kind and yet instinctive. It’s something that some scientists should be spending alot more time analysing since humans could use a bit of this intuition or understanding to be better off.

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