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Newtown Therapy Cat Has Died — 6 Comments

  1. hello, I follow you & Fred on Facebutt. I grieve for your loss. until now I had not realized that you came from Newtown. I only joined you guys about 2 months ago. you r doing a wonderful thing w/ your cats. good luck & bless you

  2. Thank you, Fred, for helping heal hearts in the aftermath of the Newtown tragedy. Perhaps the children who died needed him more in heaven than we needed him here with us. Have a wonderful time playing with the kids, Fred.

  3. Thank you for the lovely tribute to our boy, Freddie. We miss him so much, his sweet face, his high-flying antics. He gave so much to our community and to lose him at such a young age is devastating. We will be doing something to honor Fred in the coming days. Right now we’re holding each other tightly and trying to dry our tears.

    • I read coveredincathair so I already knew about this. I’m sorry for your loss Robin. It’s truly heartbreaking and I don’t even know what to say except that I, we, and many are thinking of you and a sweet wonderful cat who’s energy blessed countless peoples lives, including mine from reading about him. I think thanks is due to Fred and you Robin, for sharing this wonderful little guy in a way you do so well – through your writing. Good Luck.

  4. I love therapy cats and therapy dogs. This is one very definite area where cats can contribute publicly like a civil servant. It is good for the image of the cat too.

    It is, therefore, sad that Fred no wonder with us. I hate these horrible feline diseases. They seem to haunt the species.

    Elisa, thanks for telling us about Fred.

    Here is another page on therapy cats by Elisa:


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