No Dogs Sign with Cat

Here are some cat pix. DW found them. I am sure some have done the rounds but I haven’t seen them before and I see a lot of cat pix.

They’re is a gallery format so you click on the pic to see it in larger format with a short description.

Which is the best pic? The ‘No Dogs’ sign of course. This is outside the Cat House on the Kings. Dogs are allowed in though! So I am not sure what that is sign is about. Perhaps at one one time this utopian cat rescue, over several acres, was uniquely for cats and then a dog turned turned up and Lynea, the owner, could not say no. There are not that many dogs, as I remember. Dogs need not apply unless they are well socialised to cats. The cat on top of the sign looks very comfortable but only has the top of a round pole to perch on.

The top hat cat is quite famous! Cute cat. It’s the white spotting gene that does this – creates the black hat. This is a black cat with all the black taken out by this gene except for this little top hat. A chance in a million that the way the gene worked ended up creating the shape of a hat. Of course the cat doesn’t know he is wearing a fur hat. It is just a human thing.

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4 thoughts on “No Dogs Sign with Cat”

  1. Walter and Jozef

    We would like the ‘No dogs’ sign outside our gate as no dogs are allowed with visitors, even in our garden. Someone recently asked could they bring a greyhound into our home to see if it got on OK with cats, I ask you, a greyhound thinking it could come in OUR home and territory. The mammies said ‘No way, what a cheek this is our cats home and they need to always feel safe in it’
    We know sometimes people think dogs are superior to cats and sometimes if they get a new dog and the cat doesn’t like it, the cat has to go.
    We think those people don’t deserve a cat anyway.

    1. Thank you Walter and Jozef. Wise words indeed. There should be a cat in every government office to remind the lawmakers to be nice to cats.

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