No Greater Love

Urn for the ashes of a lost companion cat

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Dedicated to all those who have lost a loving family member (pet sounds like toy or object of interest to me. I have always wished there was another word).

No Greater Love

Companions of our hearts,
companions of our soul
Each loving little creature,
an angel He bestowed

With loving eyes we see your own
We know when you will cry
We see beyond your reach
We know who’s gone awry

But most of all with our heart,
Please do not be so sad
Just know that we do love you
With everything we’ve had

We look at you with knowing eyes
Well beyond our pain
As if to say don’t cry for me
I wish that I could stay

Remember how I chased that ball
That you once threw for me
Remember how I greet you
With love unconditionally

Remember how I nuzzle you
When sadness crossed your heart
And remember how I love you
I never will be far

I’ll be the one to greet you
The day that you’ll join me
With wagging tail or purring heart
Delightful for we’re free

This I write your loving pet
For I was not this to you
I was your family member
Forever one true blue

Carolee Dennis-Woosley
May 1, 2012

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15 thoughts on “No Greater Love”

  1. Carol, i have browsed through your “Link” and discovered that you consider yourself a “MEDIUM” and also a practitioner of “REIKI”.Do you find cats to be a bit puzzling regarding their ability to sense certain calamities in their human owners lives? Honestly, although never a superstitious man, i do pay heed when my cats and pet parakeet “Mittoo” behave very abnormally compared to their daily normal behaviour.I am disclosing this to you sinc e you deal in “Reiki” and consider youself a “Medium”.What is your opinion on our pets being able to predict certain happenings in our lives ?could you write an article on that subject.


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