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  1. Carol, i have browsed through your “Link” and discovered that you consider yourself a “MEDIUM” and also a practitioner of “REIKI”.Do you find cats to be a bit puzzling regarding their ability to sense certain calamities in their human owners lives? Honestly, although never a superstitious man, i do pay heed when my cats and pet parakeet “Mittoo” behave very abnormally compared to their daily normal behaviour.I am disclosing this to you sinc e you deal in “Reiki” and consider youself a “Medium”.What is your opinion on our pets being able to predict certain happenings in our lives ?could you write an article on that subject.

  2. beatiful poem carol.it make think about the good,bad,happy and sad times with my cats that are no longer here with me anymore physically, but will forever be in my heart.

  3. Your welcome Marc, and yes Ruth aka Kattaddorra that is what makes poetry and prose good, what comes from the heart! It all must come from the heart and soul so write on! It is a wonderful expression and I encourage everyone to write. I have horrid English skills (personal opinion), but it never stopped me from self expression. I did not go to school for it or was taught, it just comes.

    Bless you both

    • I love writing for PoC too and reading other visitors articles written from the heart, much better than long paragraphs of facts or stories written with no feeling, as they sometimes are on other cat websites.

    • Carol, I have your submission in words about the catio but no photo. Sorry, not sure what happened. You can submit a photo to:


      change [at] for @

  4. Thank you Ruth, it is the passion from the heart and love that lets it spill freely in what ever style you wish to write….

    Love and Light

    • I love to write too, poetry and short stories and have won a few minor prizes but some people nag that I should have gone to writing groups to learn style etc but I don’t want to be rich and famous, I only want to write from my heart.

  5. Rudolph and Michael, anyone can be a poet if you speak from the heart and your soul. Yes I am a writer under the pen name of the Lily of Lough Neagh. I am passionate about a lot of things. Utmost and first my cats of course, but in general I am a poet and writer of the soul fiction and non-fiction. If you are interested here is my link.


    Love and Light

    • Very deep and heart touching poetry Carol.
      Michael I’m sure I saw some of your poetry here on PoC before and it was very good, you write from your heart and that’s what counts.

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