Oi, you, get off my land!

It is funny (peculiar) that I sometimes moan about funny cat pictures and captions but feel compelled to do it myself ;). One of those peculiar human traits. “Oi”, in case non-Brits are unfamiliar with the word, means “hey”.

Get off my land. Cat on hind legs.
Get off my land. Cat on hind legs. Collage by Michael. Photographer unknown. Please advise.
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5 thoughts on “Oi, you, get off my land!”

  1. he looks like his ‘hands’ are on his hips, like he REALLY means business. you’re right about his hot dinners i think barbara, and he aint sharing!!

  2. I love that picture too, he looks like he’s ready to draw a gun and shoot dare I say it….a certain person of a few aliases who enjoys shooting cats πŸ˜‰

  3. I think we’ll have to forgive you this once Michael as that picture is absolutely brilliant, I love that fat tummy and legs, he looks like he’s had a few hot dinners LOL


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