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Ojos Azules Cat Facts For Kids — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks for the very quick response. I found photos on the Internet the cat almost identical to mine were given as an example of this breed Ojos Azules. Finally, no matter what kind of race is, already it has nine years and is a very beautiful kitty loving. Greetings!

    • Hi Mirono, thank you for commenting and thank you for showing us your cat. To be perfectly honest, I don’t fully understand this cat breed. I don’t think your cat is an Ojos Azules. Your cat is a tabby and white cat and the gene which creates the white fur also gives the cat blue eyes. If a cat with a solid coat colour has blue eyes then that cat would be an Ojos Azules. Please click on the link below to see a lengthy discussion about this breed. It is a rather complicated page which has been added to numerous times and therefore it might be difficult to read but it does tell you that I have struggled with trying to understand this cat breed.


    • Hi, in English your question is: I’m not sure if my cat is Ojos Azulez. Can you tell me if it’s Ojos Azules?

      My response is: Încărcați o fotografie

      Thanks Baciu.

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