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Old Fashioned and Modern Persian Cats Compared — 3 Comments

  1. Greetings from the Philippines. Thank you for the information, it has answered a question I have for the most part. You see, I have a cat that seems to fit the physical description of the Persian cat of the past. The disposition I would say, may not be as laid back as how Ms. Stephens has described the modern Persian cat, but definitely far from having an “almost savage” disposition as per Mr. Weir’s of its counterpart of his time. But I am still not completely satisfied. From the illustration of the Persian cat of the 1880s, my cat seems to have a very close resemblance to the model although her head is on the smaller side. I have also seen pictures of the traditional Persian cat of the present time/doll face but her head size seems to be smaller. Well, the main reason I am sending you this letter is I would like to send you pictures of my cat via email, if you will allow me, and would like to get your expert opinion regarding my beloved cat’s breed. According to her seller she is Persian but…I am aware that I might be asking too much but I am hoping for your kind consideration. Thank you.

      • Greetings from the Philippines! Thank you for the indulgence. I have sent you a short letter via email earlier today and with it I have attached 6 photos of my beloved cat Penelope. Again, I am hoping for your kind consideration and look forward to your reply.

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