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Oriental Shorthair Cat Facts For Kids — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Michael,

    I really like Oriental Shorthairs a lot. I like Siamese cats a lot too. I tend to have a special feeling towards cats that have adopted me and I’ve been adopted by both breeds.

    Great pictures and good rundown of the breed.

    When you said that their fur lies close to their skin, you weren’t kidding. It lies very close. You can really feel their body heat.

    To that I would add that like other slender cats, Oriental Shorthairs are lightning quick and can turn on a dime. They can outmaneuver most cats and can hit full speed in a flash.

    I no longer have the Siamese. He was my very first cat and I had him a long time ago. But I do have a cat that is part Oriental Shorthair.

    She looks a lot like the pictures. She’s a tabby. Only differences are that her ears are a bit smaller and her face and nose aren’t quite as elongated.

    Unlike most Oriental Shorthairs, she is very polite and not overly vocal.

    She’s extremely gentle. She loves to be held and carried around. She loves her belly rubbed. Most of all, she loves to run, climb, and explore. She gets along incredibly well with other cats but she hides under the bed when someone comes over.

    She loves catnip and cat toys.

    She’s adorable and she’s my baby.

    Glad you made a post about this breed. I enjoyed reading it and talking about my little precious.

    =^..^= Hairless Cat Girl =^..^=

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