Our Cat Sealy Has Healed

By Elisa Black-Taylor

Our cat Sealy has healed and is now living life as a normal indoor cat. For those who need to catch up on his stories, they are all listed here as well as many photographs taking over the past five months: http://www.furbyshouse.com/Sealy-s-Journey.html.

On PoC one of the first pages on Sealy is this one.

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Sealys injury progression
Sealys injury progression
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After six months of vet visits, two surgeries, four antibiotics, several herbal remedies and thousands of loved ones sending their healing energy, Sealy has finally healed from his horrific head injury.

Sealy's latest photo
Sealy’s latest photo

The next to the last remedy we used, raw honey, worked well except it would pull off any scab that started to form. Laura and I made the switch a month ago to a product recommended to me by Megan Hamilton, who is a consulting specialist for diabetic cats. Anyone who understands diabetes knows all about open wounds. Megan recommended we try a product called Buck Mountain Wound Balm. I was hesitant because a small jar runs around $30.

We began treatment one month ago. The balm was applied a few times each day. The first thing I noticed almost immediately was Sealy stopped scratching in the area of the wound. After only a few days the wound began to shrink. Watching Sealy’s wound heal using the balm has been the strangest experience. At no point did it scab over. The circumference became small and smaller each day. At the time of this story it’s smaller than the eraser end of a pencil. Sealy even has fur where once there was an open sore. It’s amazing how well and how fast this product has worked.

Sealy has also done a lot of emotional healing. Since being given his freedom (he lived in a cage for several months for his own protection), Sealy now has my daughter Laura trained as his personal cook. He eats the meat from two chicken legs or two chicken thighs each night. We have to break it up into small bites since Sealy is toothless. Our next goal is to put some weight on our boy and hopefully his hair will grow in thicker with his nutritional needs being met. He’s on expensive quality dry food between his chicken and his wet cat food feedings. In other words, Sealy is SPOILED!

Sealy enjoys “hunting” for his food. He eats his chicken and wet food in his old cage so none of the other cats harass him. He also likes to walk the counters in the kitchen and living room in search of food. We put a small treat in a bowl where he can find it. He enjoys steamed veggies in this manner. I can only assume the feral in him still enjoys the prize after a good hunt.

Sealy has also learned to play. He’ll lay on his back on the couch and swat at Laura’s fingers. Last night he lay in my lap and we slapped at each other. Sealy with his paw and me with my index finger. He’d paw at me, catch my finger, then try to bite me in his toothless mouth. I take this as a sure sign our little man is feeling much more at home here.

Sealy also likes to hide for naps. It’s quite frustrating to get a photo of him these days. He has several hidey holes where it’s dark. He can see out, but it’s not light enough for a photograph. I wonder whether he thinks we bought all of the cat beds solely for his enjoyment. He’s tried them all. His favorite is the expensive bed Furby won a year ago in a contest. Wouldn’t you know a cat spoiled to fresh baked chicken would prefer a $120 cat bed. What’s next-caviar?

I’d like to thank everyone who has supported Sealy on his journey back to health. You can follow him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/prayersforsealy. I’m currently making a scrapbook of his life. More information on how to get a copy will be listed on his page sometime next week. I have the software to do brochures on my computer now. I’ll be making these to distribute showing what can happen to a cat when people aren’t careful about cranking their cars before visually checking the motor area. Most vet clinics have an email address so these will be easy to distribute. I hope Sealy’s accident and story can educate people not only about car fan blades/belts, but of the remarkable healing ability of cats.


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6 thoughts on “Our Cat Sealy Has Healed”

  1. Mary Frances Bowling Bush

    What a blessing for you to have come into Sealy’s life. My furs (Bush MEows) and Sealy have just become furiends on Catster. Thank you for the Pal request. God bless Sealy. <3

    1. We’re aware of the need for vitamins. We’re using a good supplement we bought at the vet. The chicken is just a treat. He’s also eating INNOVA canned as well as Taste of the Wild dry. That’s why he’s gaining weight and his coat is shining.

  2. I love to see an unwanted cat wanted and an injured cat healed. Well done to everyone including me! Mainly you and your supporters.

    He definitely sounds contented and is certainly spoiled. I think he eats better than 90% of the world’s human population.

    Thanks for writing the concluding episode in the Sealy Saga…

    1. Just as the saying goes : if at first you don’t succeed try try again. We had more of a problem with his injury that Sealy did. He’s ok as long as we keep the food coming.

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