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Our Cat Sealy Has Healed — 6 Comments

  1. What a blessing for you to have come into Sealy’s life. My furs (Bush MEows) and Sealy have just become furiends on Catster. Thank you for the Pal request. God bless Sealy. <3

    • We’re aware of the need for vitamins. We’re using a good supplement we bought at the vet. The chicken is just a treat. He’s also eating INNOVA canned as well as Taste of the Wild dry. That’s why he’s gaining weight and his coat is shining.

  2. I love to see an unwanted cat wanted and an injured cat healed. Well done to everyone including me! Mainly you and your supporters.

    He definitely sounds contented and is certainly spoiled. I think he eats better than 90% of the world’s human population.

    Thanks for writing the concluding episode in the Sealy Saga…

    • Just as the saying goes : if at first you don’t succeed try try again. We had more of a problem with his injury that Sealy did. He’s ok as long as we keep the food coming.

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