Our Cats Love Christmas. Do Yours?

By Ruth aka Kattaddorra

Walter and Jozef started theirs when the postman arrived with the parcel containing new catnip mice we have especially made with the best quality catnip. I put it on the table but Jozef sniffed it out lol and bit and tore the envelope open which prompted Walter to join in too.

Do Your Cats Like Christmas

Do Your Cats Like Christmas. Collage by Ruth

The next mice which arrived for them from a cat loving friend were already wrapped in bonny paper but didn’t last long under their little tree.

The scratching posts had already been claimed and now they only have one parcel each left, knitted catnip mice from another friend, but meanwhile they’ve discovered a new game, with red tissue paper of all things! A sheet floated down and opened up a whole lot of fun to be had.

They’ve been Supercats in red cloaks, hidden under it and sprang out at each other and us, played with mice and balls under it, drove it along the carpet, used it as a tablecloth, but it got so tatty we had to go and buy a new pack of 5 sheets as it has really fascinated them both.

Visitors give us a strange look seeing bits of red tissue paper around the floor but as we are both known as Catwoman here they realise there must be a connection lol

Of course it’s folded up and put away if we leave them alone, Christmas especially is the time to ‘think cat’ and leave nothing around they could hurt themselves on or swallow.

Should we buy another pack and wrap up for them for Santa Claws to bring or will they have tired of it by then?

Who knows lol

Ruth aka Kattaddorra

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Michael Broad

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13 Responses

  1. Leah says:

    I think you should get anothe pack of tissue as I don’t think they will tire of it ours never do!!

    Lovely to see them enjoying themselves so much and so lovely they have their own tree!!

    Our cats are part of our family as well so naturally they are part of our Christmas; a huge part in fact!

    Hope you and your boys have a fantastic tissue paper filled Christmas!!

  2. Rose says:

    Those lovely boys!
    Well that’s sorted then,I’ll get my cats some tissue paper for Christmas lol does it have to be red?
    Seriously though my cats and dogs don’t have a tree but they do have presents I keep away until Santa has been lol as like my kids they’d be in to them if on sight.
    Happy Christmas everyone

  3. Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

    Thanks Hairless Cat Girl, no they are not siblings although they do look alike. Walter is a month older than Jozef, we rescued him at 8 weeks from a horrible home, he had fleas and worms and bad ears and a heart murmur. But with good food and lots of tlc he soon recovered and wanted our older cat Ebony to play, but she hated him on sight. Then we heard of a young mother cat with kittens desperate for homes as she had no milk and wasn’t coping with her babies, Jo was only 6 weeks old when he came, so he and Walt amused each other, played together and grew up together and left Ebby in peace. They are 11 years old now and still very playful, though not so much together as with us.

  4. Babz says:

    We’ve had a lot of fun with that tissue paper and I was thinking it makes a similar noise to the rustle tunnels that some cats love to play with but which our boys ignored! They seem to like the basics better than the expensive fancy cat toys,they’re good lads!

  5. Hairless Cat says:

    Hi Ruth (Kattaddorra),

    Super fun article – I love the pictures.

    Are Walter and Jozef siblings? They look like they might be.

    My cats love to crawl under and on top of the wrapping paper too. They also love the tree. They lay under it, they climb it, and they bat at the ornaments.

    We get them new things every month and Christmas is no exception. This Christmas they got a bunch of new toys and they seem to like most of them. We got them various catnip-stuffed creatures, two fishing rod style toys, and treats. Earlier in the year we got them cat furniture and scratching pads plus toys.

    Thanx for the fun read,

    =^..^= Hairless Cat Girl =^..^=

  6. Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

    Thanks for the lovely comments, our boyz are our family and are our sun, moon and stars.
    Yes Christmas can be hard for many people, we have a few sad anniversaries around now but try to enjoy the moment as much as we can and Walt and Jo won’t let us stay depressed for long.
    This Christmas is particularly hard here in the North East with many people jobless and some homeless and both our Animal Sanctuaries struggling, My sister Barbara has a cat ‘food bank’ at her funeralcare office and people kindly take some in if they can, all charities are struggling right now, so we help where we can.
    I’d love to see some photos too Marc, I just love all cats.

  7. Marc says:

    Lovely! I love this 🙂 I just finally got my xmas presents which were 2 huge cat trees and they absolutely love them. Its so great. They made such a difference and I like them too. To be honest I was probably more excited about them than they were. I love to see them enjoy. I also got them a catnip cigar and a catnip banana – 2 things which cats adore. I also bought a little remote controlled mouse at the pet store which we all enjoy. Christmas is great. But the decorations have to mostly be out of reach or thery just pull them down in my experience. I have more to hang up actually. Last day of work is tomorrow (friday) so I will endeavour to hang up the rest of my lights and branchy bits and ornaments on the weekend. I’m lazy too though. I haven’t any gifts wrapped or any gifts for that matter. I dont know a whole lot of people but I was never much of a xmas person buying stuff for all my friends or anything and I dont spend it with my human family so its more a time to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet at home for me.

    Its really nice to see some other commenters cats though 🙂 Walter and Josef look really nice. I love black and white cats for some reason. I bet they are really happy boys. Thanks for sharing by the way 🙂

    • Michael says:

      We want to see those cat trees. If you can get a photo to me as an attachment to an email, I’ll add it to your comment. I am not a Christmas person. It is too false for me. Piles of presents that people can’t afford and which are hardly used or if its food it makes them fat 🙁 Scrooge…that’s me except I like a good laugh and Christmas does tend to bring the best out of people.

      However for lots of people it is a tough time, being alone without money. For them it is best if Christmas did not exist. Sorry getting too serious. Cats like Christmas. Catnip, nice food, turkey, bacon and new cat trees… 🙂

      • Marc says:

        I 100% agree with you about xmas. It’s accelerated consumerism and Santa Claus is a bit of a twot really since he ensures kids grow up with materialistic values. I could go on. I just had this conversation at work today. Plus a huge portion of the planet doesnt celebrate it anyway, its just that most people who run media do so its what’s on TV and in papers and magazines at this time of year whether you care about it or not. I really do think the concept of Santa in this day and age is nothing short stupid. You better not cry or you won’t get your presents. It’s ironic that he is a man with a white beard which is what those smae kids probably think god looks like and its also ironic that with a couple small changes you the word satan andnot santa – actually thats just funny to be honest. If I have kids I’ll not cloud them with this nonsense. I’m sure they will want presents all the same because all the other kids get them but somebody has got to do something at some point before something awfvul happens to this fragile planet. I bet with all the xmas sales and statistics the way they are that if it didn’t exist it might just buy the children who inherit this planet a few more years to be able to turn things around and make them better. If aliens came and looked at us they would laugh I’m sure. I’ll see about sending you pics of the cat trees although they are currently both at the end of my bed in my ntidy bedroom.

  8. Ruth (Monty's Mom) says:

    My husband went to work dressed as Santa on Monday. He really looks like Santa– has the real beard and all. Monty is always fascinated by the transformation of Jeff into Santa. He liked the sound of Santa’s jingle bells. Monty’s getting some really high quality wet food that he likes for Christmas. I didn’t bother to wrap it. I didn’t buy him a new toy. He really has enough, and he certainly has his favorites. Jeff’s friend will probably get him another stocking full of catnip scented toys again anyway. Jeff and I took off from work this whole week, so Monty has had more companionship. Jeff will be off until January, so Monty won’t be alone at all for quite awhile, other than when we go out for church and visiting, but we are staying in town, so he will have us here a good majority of the time. We got a little snow for Christmas and will be getting some more, it appears. That is one gift Monty could do without. He really hates the feeling of snow on his paws. Someday I’d like to actually put up a real Christmas tree, but secure it well enough that Monty couldn’t knock it over. I know he would climb it. But he would love it.

  9. Michael says:

    Total fun. Most cats like Christmas because..they get more play time. Paper to mess up and so on.

    Now Charlie my cat, so far, has totally ignored it. No interest. He follows his human companion 😉

    Maybe I’ll wrap up a present. That might interest him. Only I haven’t got any presents to wrap up.

    Ah well. Cats are individuals.

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