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Our Feral Cat Renny — 9 Comments

  1. What a beautiful tabby boy – and so lucky that you found him, Elisa. Working with feral cats takes lots of love and patience, but I’m sure Renny have already proven he was worth it.

  2. I love the photos of Renny! His name is great too– Renny the Renegade! Monty sleeps under my bed too. It used to bother me and I’d keep putting him on top of the bed, but he’d go back under there. During the day he will nap out in the open. At night he is always under something– under the futon, under our bed or in his little enclosed cat bed. Maybe that’s the feral in him to seek cover at night because it’s safer. It actually took Monty a long time to lie on top of our bed at all, but now he will sometimes sleep there during the day. He brings his stuffed doggie up there, so sometimes Jeff and I wake up and realize we spent the night with Monty’s stuffed dog.

  3. What a wonderful story and what a beautiful cat AND what fantntastic photos him. What an amazing job you do caring for any and all sorts of cats from a variety of different situations. You are a lifesaver and a total angel and I have no doubt that the cats totally appreciate that fact.

    • The secret is to give them time. We never dreamed it would take this long with Renny since we got him as a kitten. We just left him alone until he was ready for us. I was a professional photographer for 12 years and have a degree in photography. But my best pictures are made with my android phone. I use the free Craft Artist software from Daisy Trail. They offer lots of add on kits for $2.

      • You probably get your best photos with the phone because it is always handy. That is one of the secrets to getting the shot – having a camera 🙂 And time is certainly the big factor in domestication it seems to me. You’re good at it though.

  4. Monty was feral when I caught him at eight weeks. He was hissing and trying to bite and scratch as I picked him up, but he was too small to do anything. He wouldn’t eat or use the litterbox the first day. He is doing well today in both those departments. He snarls at the vet, and he will growl at company. He hates people staying overnight. But yesterday we had a salesman here for adding some downspouts to our gutters and as we spoke with him on the front porch, up pops Monty’s little head at the screen door. The salesman got a kick out of a little black cat popping up next to him right around Halloween. I liked that Monty was curious, but not afraid. He also didn’t growl at him, which was nice.

  5. I would like to caution anyone who offers raw chicken to a cat to please be careful. Study food handling and be sure to disinfect the eating surface as well as the prep area after the treat is eaten. Raw meat can be very dangerous.

  6. Well, you did it again. You love ’em enough to make them feel safe and at home. And they have a home with you. You showed great patience and gave Renny the time. Laura did her bit too. It seems to me it is about food and time! Give nice food, say gentle and nice things, make them feel safe and gradually, over a long time, you turn a feral cat into a domestic cat. Renny eating raw chicken reminds me of Martin Stucki feeding raw chicken to kitten Savannah cats at their farm in Oklahoma. He feed dry cat food and raw chicken. Even little baby cats loved it.

    • Renny doesn’t play with the other cats. Possibly because they’re always wide open. He enjoys visits from Lucky, Midnight and Mandy. Cujo has made him play some in the bedroom. The more active cats make him nervous.

      He and Sealy are very well suited to each other. Renny looks like Sealys friend who didn’t survive his car fan blade injury.

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