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Painted Cats are Created Digitally with Photoshop — 6 Comments

  1. How silly and tasteless the book is, and dangerous for putting the idea into stupid minds that might think it’s “cool” to paint a cat. Where do these awful ideas come from? It must be from the Devil himself!

  2. What a stupid book! I hate anything like that, I even hate seeing kids faces painted and silly people with union jacks painted on their faces. But at least they have a choice, animals don’t and it’s wrong to make a mockery of their natural looks by painting them just for showing off 🙁

    • It is stupid. I think one of the aims of the authors was to wind up people or upset people who care about cats. It certainly must do that to cat lovers who are taken in by the book and believe that the cats are painted. The photo editing is so good that it is impossible to tell for most people.

      Perhaps the authors don’t like cats. There are quite a few cat haters in New Zealand. I hate the bloody book to be honest.

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