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Patenting A Breed Of Cat — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Michael,

    What he attempted was as offensive as it was greedy. Since TICA had already accepted the breed, I would add that he is also a thief by trying to take credit for something someone else had already done and capitalize upon it.

    I think he saw some good-sized dollar signs and became obsessed with visions of ill-gained wealth.

    The topic scares me – patenting a living being. I sincerely hope that it will never be allowed. It’s bad enough that the law considers pets to be “property” but allowing a patent would even take that concept a step further.

    I hope that some day the law will change so that pets are not considered property. But if patents are allowed then that law will be more difficult to change.

    Greed is an ugly motivator and many are afflicted by it. The human race in general needs better guidance.

    =^..^= Hairless Cat Girl =^..^=

    • You have referred to something that is behind this patent application: a cat as property in legal terms. That is an outdated concept that really needs to be changed asap. It is the reason why it is impossible to get compensation for the loss of a cat in a contract claim because moggies are almost worthless in the eyes of the law, which is obviously wrong.

  2. A Cat Owner should never ever think of “Patenting” a breed but instead strive to be the “BEST BREEDER” of that particular cat species amongst the numerous competitive breeders. And this is where “CAT SHOWS” organized by registered cat clubs play an important role in popularizing a breed as well as cat breeders.

  3. I agree with Marc, patenting a living being is shocking, they are not possessions, although too many people treat them as if they are.
    Greed for money goes to some peoples heads and they will try anything to get more!

  4. What a massive loser **sh*le! Patenting an animal is about as bad or worse than patenting cells. Can you imagine trying to own something quite as organic as that… it’s culture in it’s maddest form. Beyond even trying to control nature for gain, to actually try and own it exclusively is quite revolting. I’d love to have a chat with this Mr Ditto. His name probably has some serious irony in it I just can’t be bothered to work that out right now 🙂

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