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  1. Why do people get animals if they not going to provide the basics food & shelter plus love?
    A pet is a lifetime commitment & the rewards are priceless.
    If you cant provide, please don’t get an animal, adopt a rock, it doesn’t require food, shelter nor love, plus it stays where you place it.
    Southeast Arizona

    • I spoke to the cats’ owner on the phone yesterday. She must be wealthy and lives in a £5 million house with a large garden (back yard). I lost my temper with her (regrettably – couldn’t help it) because she refused to act responsibly towards her cats. I told her that they wander over a busy road and she was unconcerned. I told her they wanted to come in to my home and make it their home and she refused to accept that etc. I told her she was an irresponsible cat owner. She didn’t like that but it is true.

      • Well done I suppose. Except depending on how you look at it you have blown your cover. I know it sounds a bit OTT but I would be very tempted to find them a better home and take the matterinto my own hands. Not exactly conventional I know.

        • I’d love to but, phew, it is hard to do that. They deserve a better home. I lose my cool with people who can’t see sense and behave sensibly. She said she was irritated when I suggested a large cat enclosure (she has a very large garden). I said she was irresponsible in response.

    • Yes! (of course, Michael, claws are essential) Why can’t you –well, never mind, I understand. I still am dealing with the guilt of a neighbor’s son’s cat adopting my cats and me, but then, the neighbor’s son was just a ten-yr-old boy. Screw the adult neighbor. You have your own reasons for forcing yourself to not intervene, I understand. (But I still don’t know how to resolve the situation with my dilemma. DW had the same solution that I came up with.) I feel like you do. There is sometimes no closure. Bad [dog]neighbor!

  2. Oh Michael that is such a shame I really can’t understand why people have cats when they have no intention of giving them what they need! Basics! Food and a home! Why take on a cat when you intend to never see him/her? Awful some people are heartless 🙁

    I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to resist them I would have to make them a home in the garden (as I have done in the past) and feed them. I fed the most beautiful Tuxedo cat last year who appeared in the garden un-neutered stray who was very frightened beautiful Black face with white whiskas and White bib and white splodge on his whisker pad. He had this croaky meow and eventually he came to me for fuss so gentle I fed him every day for weeks then I never saw him again; I found out he had been killed by a car. I felt very sad but at least he died with a meal in his belly and he had some human contact of the loving kind.

    • Sad story. One of these two tabbies, the one with spots who is doing the arms stretched peekaboo is crazy about me. I think she is female but I am told she is male. She rubs against me a lot. They both have superb, dense, strong British moggie coats. Really strong, robust cats. These cats are the forerunners of the purebred, pedigree British Shorthair.

  3. Excellent photo with the stray cats large paws imprinted on your window and the beautiful English bungalow house in the background. Feel sad for stray cats in London since the cold weather would definitely be detrimental to their health let alone finding food..

    • Freezing and damp. These tabby moggies are very robust but they wait and wait and wait in the cold for my attention. I can’t seem to get the message across that I can’t help them as I want to.

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