Peekaboo Cat Picture!

This is a new genre of cat picture ;). Once again, I thought of this sort of genre only on seeing my cat Charlie at the back door. I have since noticed that there is a bit of a cult genre going around the internet of peekaboo cats. It is also spelled peek-a-boo. The word describes a person popping his or her head around a door or over a wall or something like that. The game is usually played by a parent with his/her child. Or it might be siblings playing together.

I had intended to photograph Charlie doing this but In the end I couldn’t get a picture but when the two wandering tabbies came to the back door for cat food (again), I noticed that one of them did a peek-a-boo pose to get me to notice. Here is the picture:

Peekaboo cat. Photos by Michael.
Peekaboo cat
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She also did a stretch afterward which was even better. You can see a large format version of the picture on this page.

These two cats live with a woman (and probably her husband) in a very large house worth about Β£3-5 million about 200 yards away. Something is clearly wrong because they always come to me. They want company and food. It is desperate. They go over the road and so on. It is driving me nuts.

Anyway, do you have a peek-a-boo cat picture? Just like the headless cat picture they are not easy to capture. I have a camera ready or nearby and I noticed this cat preparing to do this and got the picture.

Below is what is called an “animated gif” of a peek-a-boo cat. An animated gif is a series of still photographs in the .gif picture format that are strung together to make a little film. They look like videos but are actually a series of still images taken with a motor drive.

peek a boo animated gif
Peek a boo animated gif

21 thoughts on “Peekaboo Cat Picture!”

  1. I love the peek a boos lol especially Josef up the tree lol
    Those poor tabbies wanting to come in,it’s difficult to resist feeding cats like that,they don’t have a good home.
    In my case they’d just move in,what’s 2 more in a crowd lol but our house is full of laid back other pets who don’t seem to mind who comes and goes.

    • If I had a bigger place with a proper set up they’d probably be part of the family by now. I find it impossible to resist feeding them. One of them has a pink collar that reads “do not feed the cat”. I feed him πŸ˜‰ can’t help it.

  2. Michael how many “Millions of Pounds” are you worth ? Very privileged to own such a palatial private bungalow in London.No wonder you are very much into “Cat Philanthropy” and doing a marvelous job for cat welfare and cat awareness through your site “P.O.C”.The tabby cats are lucky to have you as their benefactor, especially in London where i remember never ever seeing a stray cat on the roads during my brief visit in 2010.Excellent photo that captures the scenery as well as the subject, the cats. “Peek-A-boo” cats is fantastic.

    • Hi Rudolph. Well, I am not poor but the palatial house you see in the picture does not belong to me πŸ˜‰ And the place I am living in is an apartment, part of a block of apartments that are in the place where formerly a large house stood.

      Thank you, though, for thinking I am rich. I won’t starve. I have enough money to last me the rest of my life and to help some cats.

  3. Michael, it really looks like you have an unusually large amount of open green space for a person living in London. I have seen your videos in your garden which seems large and lovely but in these photos it looks like you live next to a field which is next to a 5 million pound house. Maybe thats not the house but anyway – it seems you got lucky for a Londoner! People get totally excited about a 5 foot balcony in London because they can have a bbq from time to time. Anyhow – yes – the peek a boo thing. I don’t mind it actually …it’s quite sweet and funny. Cat’s are fun because of the unusual things they do, the way they communicate and how spontaneous they are so things like this, in turn, are funny.

    Those tabbies clearly don’t get a second of human attention from their caretakers. I’m not suprised it makes you crazy. If I were you I would find a friend in the countryside who would like to have two tabbies and deal with the issue that way. IT’s not half tempting I am sure. It’s so dissapointing and sad that they need to come over to interact with you. Or is it just for food? IF so then your food is clearly alot better than theirs. Some people only feed dry food, no wet, so those cats will do anything for a bit of wet food. I hope the tabbies will be ok with all the roads and so on. ITs better they come to you directly then go to other people over the road. It’s heartbreaking but actually if you put it in perspective, they have eachother and freedom so they are not trapped in a hellish situation – alone, or anything like that. Still, it proves the point that cats are domesticated animals and even with every freedom in the world they still want to interact with humans. Sorry for straying off the topic of peek a boo here. Your 2 photos are great. I particularly like the second because you can see both of them and you can really get the feeling that they are there to get your attention and hang out for a while. I guess Charlie doesn’t like them – it’s a shame you can’t allow them in to

    • ….your home via a permanently unlocked cat flap. I wonder if they would eventually just stay with you if they really had the choice. But Charlie absolutely comes first – I understand how that works.

      • These tabbies want an new home. I absolutely feel that. It is more than just about food. They need a real human companion and they haven’t got one. But quite impossible with Charlie and Cardi and Chaos and more Chaos πŸ˜‰

        This is a small flat owned by girlfriend. I want to move to something much bigger but the logistics are very complicated.

    • Response to Marc’s comment:

      The garden is really nice for central London. It is communal. Charlie goes to the toilet in it πŸ™‚ The garden thinks the poo belongs to the tabbies πŸ˜‰

      The house opposite is divided into flats. The tabbies come from a similar house but it is a single home, a family home and yet they still come to me living in a tiny flat.

      The flat is too small. Driving me nuts. I am planning on moving to a bigger place. But I have to accommodate the tastes of a lot of different animals.

      I would love to find these tabbies a new home. The existing one is unsatisfactory. Rich does not equal good in the cat world.

      • If I were you I would move to the countryside – not far though from where you live, as in not hours away, and then I would take the 2 wandering tabbies with me along with Charlie – I don’t think poor Cardie would make it til then – and give these 2 cats a safe and happy sequel to their clearly unsatisfactory lives which they are living now. Now there’s a thought πŸ™‚

        • Oh man….help. πŸ™‚ You may have a point. Sometimes I think I should be in the country because I like animals so much. And it hurts when they struggle and are tired and are ill.

          • You might like to live in the country Michael. Even though you probably thrive on the city life as well for the intellectual stimulation, you might find some peace in a more opened space. I lived in San Francisco for a while and loved it, but I didn’t know how stiff and uptight I’d become until I moved to a remote opened space. That became too remote after 7 years. Now I have the best of both worlds. Small town, but easy access to culture, people. At the same time access to opened space and the ocean. As disrupting as moving is, it usually leads to something better.

  4. Here are 2 cat peekaboos from Ruth aka Kattaddorra. I have arrowed Jozef (top pictures) and Walter because I couldn’t see them at first and I have had to reduce the image size to fit the comments section.

    peekaboo cat picture

    Ruth, I hope you don’t mind. If you do tell me and I’ll also publish them without the arrows. Nice pictures by the way.

    • Of course I don’t mind Michael, Jo especially is difficult to spot, we actually called that photo ‘Spot the Jozef’ lol
      We have trees about 40 feet high behind our gardens here and the boyz used to climb them a lot when younger, Jo was 30 feet up at only 10 months old, I was starting to panic but he came down easily, yes he’s a proper little tree climber.
      They still go up in the Summer (but not as high thank goodness) and now they are both 11 years old.

        • I wish I had a photo of the white and black cat we called ‘Orange cat’ who used to live with a neighbour here and on an evening he would sit up the tree opposite our living room window and the street lamp behind made him glow orange. He sat for hours sometimes. Sadly he was rehomed when they emigrated and run over and killed. Heartbreaking as we’d have loved to have had him and they wouldn’t let us.
          I hate that some people don’t appreciate their cats, just like those 2 beautiful tabbies, why do people get them if they aren’t prepared to look after them properly.

          • Thats very sad. Its exactly things like that which make me want to take things into my own hands. I’d not regret it knowing what can happen if somebody doesn’t rescue an animal from the wrong hands.


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