Peeping Tom (cat) Pictures

This is a play on words, in pictures. The word “tom”, when used in conjunction with the word “cat” (tomcat), is usually used to describe an unneutered, sexually active male cat. The phrase “peeping tom”  was created after a certain man named “Tom” who was the only person to watch Lady Godiva ride by naked. As a result the phrase “peeping tom” means a voyeur  – a person who sneakily watches people, especially for sexual pleasure.

There are some nice pictures of cats acting like peeping toms. Of course, we are totally anthropomorphizing cats. Only humans are able to be peeping toms. It is exclusively a human trait. Like quite a few human traits, it’s a bit seedy. Cats don’t do seedy.

In a light-hearted vein, here are some peeping tom (cat) pictures.

Peeping tom

Peeping tom


Peeping tom

Peeping tom

Peeping tom

Peeping tom


Please note: this is a rebuild of the original page, as all the Pinterest pictures disappeared! Mind you I did alter the code but I suspect they disappeared because they were just deleted on Pinterest. I expect the pictures to disappear in time. It is hopeless. Pinterest is a fraud.

There is a huge amount of copyright violation on Pinterest. In fact the whole bl**dy site is based on violating someone’s copyright.

This page discusses that sore point further:

Bizarre Pinterest Terms and Conditions.

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Peeping Tom (cat) Pictures — 3 Comments

  1. Cats are so clever, I mean how on earth did they first know that glass is for looking through, don’t you just wonder what they think about being able to see through a window either into or out of a room. Sometimes if there’s a strange cat in the garden or an unexplained noise, maybe dogs barking or howling, Walter or Jo will run upstairs and have a good look out of the window either at the back or front depending on the direction of the noise and I often wonder if they’re thinking what a good invention glass was because they obviously know what windows are for.

    • Wait til you put a pair of binoculars on the table and return to find Walter looking through them at the dog next door 🙂 – my cat Lilly loves to put her arm on the other side of a glass of water or just and empty glass – its like she is looking at how it distorts her paw or something. She always does it. I wonder what they think of glass – if much.

      To be honest I think Lady Godiva is the funny one for riding around naked.

      The pictures are all quite funny though in the context of the expression 🙂

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