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  1. You have beautiful cats – they sound nice to spend time with too. I had a cat who would knock stuff off shelves and look at me to see what i would do. It was a sort of evil teenager attention seeking phase where she liked to push my buttons a bit. I’d always ask her not to and then have to go clean up after her. I think she liked making me clean up like that. She was playing with her human in a sense. Silly girl, anyway she grew out of that. Only when she really wanted my attention later on in life would she resort to being rough with my things that usually stay put. Thanks for letting us know about your cats 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing Mark. You have two handsome cat companions. I like the names too.

    Peewee looks to be be a dilute brown mackerel tabby cat. A sort of fawn color using cat fancy language.

    Snuggles is definitely a calico cat or Tortoiseshell and white. She has that classic and arresting blaze down the middle of her face which is similar to the Venus two-faced cat.

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