Peewee and Snuggles

by Mark

I’d like to introduce my cats to the cat lovers of PoC.

Peewee and Snuggles
Peewee and Snuggles. Photos by Mark. Collage by Michael
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Peewee is 8 years old. He was a rescue cat that we got from a woman that we board our dog with when we go away. He was part of a feral community and someone caught him, gave him to her, and she took him in.

When we brought him home he was very nervous and did not want to be out in the open. Eventually he got over that. Now, there is nothing he won’t do. He can be somewhat of a terror sometimes and that is when we call him “Reggie” for his alter ego. He knocks things off of shelves and then looks at us to see what we’ll do. We know he’s just playing and it’s all in good fun so he doesn’t get scolded too bad!

He is also a champion mouser. We didn’t know we had mice in the basement until he came along. One day soon after we got him, we went down there and it looked like a horror film. We haven’t seen a mouse since!


Snuggles is 12 years old. We were getting dog food at a pet store and she was up for adoption. The clerk there asked my wife if she wanted to hold her and the rest is history. She is slow and steady and runs like clockwork. She has a schedule that she sticks to, so you always know she will be sleeping on a futon in the morning, on a bunkbed in the afternoon and the couch at night.

Her internal clock is perfect and she starts meowing for her dinner at 6pm on a daily basis. The only time she is a little bit off is when we set the clocks ahead or back for daylight savings time. Snuggles doesn’t play with toys too much but occasionally we’ll catch her curiosity getting the best of her while she’s flipping a little stuffed animal in the air.

She has used a scratching post since a kitten and never had a problem scratching anything else. If you call her “pretty girl” she will stretch out and roll over.

In Italian she is called “Snuggles due facce” or “Snuggles Fache-Duey” something like that. This means “two-faced”. My wife is Italian.


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5 thoughts on “Peewee and Snuggles”

  1. You have beautiful cats – they sound nice to spend time with too. I had a cat who would knock stuff off shelves and look at me to see what i would do. It was a sort of evil teenager attention seeking phase where she liked to push my buttons a bit. I’d always ask her not to and then have to go clean up after her. I think she liked making me clean up like that. She was playing with her human in a sense. Silly girl, anyway she grew out of that. Only when she really wanted my attention later on in life would she resort to being rough with my things that usually stay put. Thanks for letting us know about your cats 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing Mark. You have two handsome cat companions. I like the names too.

    Peewee looks to be be a dilute brown mackerel tabby cat. A sort of fawn color using cat fancy language.

    Snuggles is definitely a calico cat or Tortoiseshell and white. She has that classic and arresting blaze down the middle of her face which is similar to the Venus two-faced cat.


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