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Persian Two-legged Cat (same side) — 6 Comments

  1. Cats are so clever and adaptable and I suppose that’s why some people think chopping off their toe ends is alright,the cats can’t complain they just have to cope as best they can as cripples.
    Poor Caffrey wasn’t crippled on purpose and he’s done amazingly well proving just how stoic cats are.

  2. The main thing is that Caffrey still has quality of life so it was money well spent on the amputations, although I do agree the cost was extortionate.
    I’ve assisted at amputations and it was the one operation to make me feel genuinely ill, that could have been because the first one was done by an insensitive vet when I hadn’t been working for vets for very long, he threw the leg at me ‘Here catch’
    But healthy limbs are not amputated here so I had to grin and bear it as part of the job.
    I could never ever have assisted at a declawing, the one time a client asked (when it was still legal here)if the vet had agreed to do it I’d have walked out and taken the victim with me before he had chance to do the surgery.
    I don’t believe in keeping animals alive at all costs for the ‘owners’ sake, it’s selfish and cruel if they have no hope and no quality of life, but Caffrey does look happy and copes well.

  3. He must have trouble using litter box but apart from that I’m sure he manages pretty well without climbing too much either.

    I think the cost of amputation sounds way over the top. Usually it costs less than that to try and save a leg. Removing it is the cheap thing to do. Its the same with teeth. What kind of vet would charge near to 8 thousand GBP – thats like 10,000EU or 12000 USD – to remove two legs. Sometimes the best means the most expensive and perhaps little more than that. Sorry for being so distrustful but to say it cost an arm and a leg would be only half of it – it cost a small fortune. I’m sorry. Maybe I am completely wrong for some specific reason. I have a hard time being open to such things everytime I am reminded about declawing. That really knocked me off today thinking about those vets who declaw. I am not qualified to say the 7.5 gs wasn’t spent legitimately. What a beautify and sweet and resiliant cat who is far form the piece of furniture so many are taken for. I just love him and I feel good that he seems to be ok, to be managing and perhaps has some real enjoyment and satisfaction in his life. Cats are an inspiration – well done Caffrey!

    • I wrote the same thing about the vet’s bill at first, then deleted it 😉 It does seem huge. There must have been something else going on such as a big effort to save the second leg as they were very reluctant to remove it. They underestimated this little, gutsy Persian. I am in awe of this fella. He looks quite light which I am sure is a major factor in being able to gallop around. The owner is probably under strict orders to keep him dieted.

      • My husband just said its a shame and cruel. I said ‘just look at him! he seems really happy and gets around really well albeit a little off balance at times! If he’s happy, can still behave like a cat and isn’t in pain then I think his parents have done exactly the right thing!

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